Think of the jeans
 High-quality, fashionable and most importantly, beautiful jeans - today it is an indicator of good taste. In addition, jeans always practical: do not crumple, do not break, they are comfortable and traveling, and at the party. They conceal the true age, and do not need extra time to think what to put on them. And finally, they are always in fashion.

This jewel

The cost of exclusive branded jeans noticeably growing and already exceeds the level of $ 4000. The first record was set in 1998. Then, from Gucci jeans were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive - the price was $ 3134.

More recently, are jeans, is a real jewel. Decoration crystal rhinestones from Swarovski - is the last century, he surpassed all the designer from New York Calvin Stewart. Buttons on the clasp of his jeans, the new collection is made of gold, and the largest of them decorated with diamonds. These jeans can be bought for as low as $ 1,000 to $ 4,200. Along with the purchase you will be given a certificate and a "birth certificate", which will include all the basic characteristics of the trousers. As protection against counterfeiting Stewart uses a hidden seam, the secret of which is known only to him. The designer is able to sell only a few models. But he did not count on the mass buyer.

Golden rules for selection

• Do not buy jeans, if you are long or short markedly
• Remember that all jeans are increased in width (but not in length!)
• The fitting is to take at least three or four pairs of jeans. Even from the same manufacturer have absolutely identical pairs, and to find "their", will have to sweat, remeasure some jeans.

Choose jeans according to the type of figure

 Think of the jeans

When selecting the best jeans come from the fact that they must be fit. What kind of jeans to choose if you have:

Flat buttocks
- Jeans "stretch" with seams that form the buttocks heart;
- Accurately fitting the figure;
- With large and complex back pockets: Bomber, valves, applications, and other decorations.

Short legs
- Jeans with a high waist;
- With wide trousers and spacious in the hips.

Long legs
- If the legs are so long, they do disproportionate figure, look for models with wide sleeves rolled up, they make legs optically shorter.

Wide hips
- Flared from mid-thigh;
- With low waist;
- Large pockets and are located closer to each other, they are visually reduce the buttocks;
- With a smooth transition of color on each side, from light to dark.

Not pronounced waist
- Accurately fitting the figure;
- With straight narrow trousers;
- Men's style trousers;
- With a wide belt, which is darker than basic jeans;
- With slanting pockets that reduce optical waist.

Today in vogue

 Think of the jeans
   To date, much work is done to improve the texture of denim. Special additives make it more comfortable, durable. In recent years, the fabric from which sew some models of jeans, began to add synthetic fibers and lycra. The company Levi Strauss & Co, for example, offers an entirely new line - Levi`s Engineering Jeans. A mixture of cotton and tencel fibers gives the jeans extra softness and durability. But most importantly, these jeans are shaped to follow the contours of the human body. Silhouette of clothing becomes three-dimensional, and the slanting side seams ensure greater freedom of movement.

Peep the season - breeches - good and different. They can be of any breed from the most simple to the downright insane with various avant-garde gadgets: beading, embroidery, lace, fringe. Breeches, like any other denim products this season, have to be in the blue-blue tones, colored jeans in the past.
As always jeans manufacturers offer three traditional styles: classic, clothing for free time and leisure, and the direction of Ultra, which reflects the most striking trends of the season.

The most important in the difficult task of selection of jeans - is to find the right style, what, above all, is guided by the features of the figure. Currently, the most popular are three style. Firstly, it bootcut fit   - Elongated jeans, tight-fitting thigh, leg extends to the ankle, waist line is understated. Model loved by all, as is suitable for most types of figures. The current focus of modern jeans - zippers at the ankles. In addition, most women still prefer straight jeans. They are willing to admit it tight jeans slim models are more suitable.

Secondly, it easy fit   - Fitting hip jeans narrowed slightly to the ankle, the waist line is understated. This model focuses on the thighs, so if you have a full - it is better to choose for themselves something else.

Third, it is slim fit   - Completely fitting jeans, waistline a little overpriced. This model fits a miniature, thin woman, as the attached figure amount. For women with rather short legs are perfect jeans 7/8 length, especially now that it is very fashionable. And, of course, do not forget that there is nothing that lengthens the leg as high heels.

Exact figure of jeans is essential, therefore, to women who have problems with the selection of a suitable model, it is recommended to pay attention to jeans Bodymetrics . Bodymetrics - a company that uses a sewing jeans specially designed computer program, which allows to obtain three-dimensional image of the body. Based on the results of computer programming, designers create jeans specifically for your figure. The price of such individual jeans is around 250 euros.

Wide jeans flared jeans Namely these jeans worn by our parents, returned again to the delight of many fashionistas. You can choose bright, downright flashy colors - sunny yellow, bright green or even red. If you prefer something more relaxing - classic dark denim will be just right.

Lovers of jeans with low waist will have to come to terms with the fact that in fashion now just the opposite is true - the waist is returned to its rightful place, and even higher. Yes, yes, pants Jeans with high waist   Now on top of popularity.

 Think of the jeans
   Designers offer to wear jeans as it did in the seventies: to focus on the narrowest part of the waist, which will visually lengthen legs and give the figure a kind of tenderness. Do not forget the high heels because they are higher than, the legs seem slimmer.

How will the jeans wear tomorrow? An open question. Wait and see.
Author: Valentina Syrenkova