10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
 They really are the best. And to prove it is not only people's recipes, which are present in these hits. Leading cosmetic brands also love the top ten. Let's see why.

Rose oil, "it is divine" - many would say. But above all, this is not the flavor is still oil. So, moisturizing the skin. That's why cosmeticians appreciate it. It fills the skin with moisture for a long time, as it inflates and tightens the skin, no worse than modern injection with hyaluronic acid. Rose oil is also famous for its high content of vitamin C and fatty acids. However, recent studies show that exposure to fatty acids and vitamins deteriorates under the influence of daylight. So if you're waiting on the rose oil any miracles - it is not worth enough moisture and pleasant aroma that it gives the skin.

Council: add rose oil (few drops) at night means and not in the daytime, then the effect will be higher. Rose oil is also added to food and (if all the vitamins and healthy fats get inside the body without being destroyed).

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Luxury line tools Moroccan Rose by The Body Shop, Avon SPA Sedative hair with rose oil "Moroccan Rose"

This grass does not need any introduction, he established himself as a useful product that has been used previously to treat almost everything from gout to eruptions and rheumatism. But now, medicine has stepped forward and offered to new drugs. And oatmeal left us as part of home recipes for beauty. Many appreciate the oatmeal as a mild exfoliant, but do not forget that oats contain beta-glucan, a good moisturizing ingredient. The purchase is valued cosmetic moisturizing properties of oats.

Council:   For home remedies using only natural and unprocessed oatmeal. Oatmeal noodles is not suitable, it is absolutely useless. By the way, breakfast is best to choose organic oatmeal, it has more vitamins, fiber, amino acids, oatmeal noodles cleaned and evaporated, resulting in loses much of its usefulness.

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Line Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature with organic oatmeal

The main benefit of calendula in antiseptic effect, it reduces redness, irritation, heals wounds. Therefore, recipes and products Calendula be more interested in women with sensitive and problematic skin. Calendula can also often be found in the media for children. The purchase cosmetics with calendula and have some anti-aging effects.

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Tools Weleda Calendula

Of course, cosmetologists most interesting is not the flower itself and its pleasant aroma and lavender oil. And, like any oil, it moisturizes the skin. Light consistency allows the oil well and quickly absorb and retain moisture for a long time. Cosmetics with lavender oil - moisturizes!

Council:   Even if you're not a fan of home beauty recipes, keep at a bottle of lavender oil in the medicine cabinet. After all, it is perfectly disinfects. In France, during the Second World War, sponges with lavender oil used for the treatment of wounds, and this is a great natural antiseptic!

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Funds from Oriflame with lavender oil

Argan oil
A native of Morocco, argan oil over the past couple of years has acquired a reputation as a natural fighter with wrinkles. Good news for women aged argan oil works in the future, allow the skin to look young, as its use, and the longer use - better skin condition.

Council:   At home, argan oil is best used to combat acne, add a drop in their day and night means. For sensitive skin argan oil is also a good helper - it has anti-inflammatory action.

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Day Cream, anti-aging from Dr.Scheller «Argan oil & Amaranth» with argan oil, a night of anti-age cream with argan oil Diademine

Jojoba oil is closest in texture and composition to human sebum. And that's it! So, for those who lack moisture (dry skin), jojoba perfect assistant. Jojoba oil is also used for skin prone to acne. Jojoba oil is one of the few, put in decorative cosmetics, which runs ophthalmologic control.

Council:   Jojoba oil is very easily and quickly absorbed, so the girls with oily skin, it will not harm. Feel free to use the recipes and products with jojoba oil!

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Lipstick Avon «A lot of kisses" with jojoba oil, cream Nivea Soft «The intensive moisturizing" for face, hands and body with jojoba oil and vitamin E

Many believe that the main properties of honey for beauty - it's antimicrobial and antiseptic. This is true. But beyond that, and honey has a moisturizing effect, making honey universal ingredient for all problems for all ages. Nothing more to say.

Council:   for use in the home cosmetics best fresh honey and thick. If the consistency is too thick - Melt the honey in a water bath.

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Collection makeup M.A.S Naked Honey

The home medicine cabinet aloe juice is used against sunburn. But recent studies suggest that aloe is best used for healing wounds and scratches. In cosmetics valued aloe success in the fight against acne and wrinkles.

Council:   If you do not grow on the windowsill of aloe, not scary. Buy at the pharmacy aloe vera gel in it up to 98% natural aloe juice! Squeezed from the aloe leaf juice live stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Daytime moisturizer with aloe vera "Clean Line" Hand Cream "Homemade Recipes" with aloe and chamomile

Tea tree
Another ingredient of acne and blackheads. And all thanks to the antiseptic properties of tea tree. Tea Tree extracts and tea tree oil, however, does not completely replace the salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, these components have proven themselves well in the fight against acne. Therefore it is necessary to rely on some relief skin condition, using cosmetics with tea tree.

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
The line of tea tree oil Tea Tree from The Body Shop

The main reason is added to cosmetics seaweed extract, - a bleaching properties. The ability of algae to whiten dark spots recognized first in Asia and then cosmetologists all over the world have used the secret. But some varieties of algae can be a bonus to moisturize the skin and stimulate collagen production. However, make no mistake, laser and injections do it much more effectively.

Council:   To make better use of domestic procedures familiar algae producers, the market is still a lot of fakes!

 10 of the best natural ingredients in cosmetics
Thalgo Cosmetics is based on seaweed

Author: Vasilisa Cousin