10 reasons to love coconut oil
 Remember my post where I described how to make their own coconut oil? (link & gt; & gt; & gt;). And now some more practical tips on the use of coconut oil in our lives.

Like coconut oil, primarily for its versatility (it can be used in several ways) and economy. For little money you can get hold of a great moisturizer and means with antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial action, get enough antioxidants and enjoy the mouth-watering aroma of gourmet pastries.

And now everything in order, all the 10 things that I propose to do with coconut oil:

1. To prepare the food.   Coconut oil - one of the few that is safe at high temperatures. This study has. Therefore, it may be safely used for frying. I tried to bake them with potatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, red onion, other vegetables - I liked it! The flavor was interesting.

 10 reasons to love coconut oil
   Not very well with white fish, that's for sure. But salmon is quite tasty. One of the benefits of coconut oil inside the intake - it improves metabolism.

5. For the make-up remover.   Coconut oil is applied to the cotton swab, removes even waterproof mascara. And while moisturizes the skin and eyelashes, which is nice, agree.

 10 reasons to love coconut oil
 2. highlighter on the cheekbones.   This is a wonderful way to highlight the skin on the cheeks and under the brow. Some makeup artists recommend the backlight in the form of the letter "a" (see photo). Liquid highlighter now - the most popular product for this. But if not, or if you are allergic to cosmetics, not scary. Apply a little coconut oil blend - and you skin will glow noble.

3. Shaving legs.   It can be used as a shaving cream. No cuts, the blade glides perfectly, and then not have to worry about skin hydration. All right.

4. The hair conditioning.   Coconut oil is much better penetration into the hair than mineral oil or sunflower oil. Treatment of split ends becomes efficient and easy. Once a week, apply the tips. I sleep once a week with a mask of coconut oil on the hair. I put on hair, massaging, and then retracts into the beam and go to bed. Pillow, of course, then need washing, but to change the pillowcase once a week - is a habit most of us. The next morning - I wash your hair and enjoy the splendor and pleasant aroma.

 10 reasons to love coconut oil
 6. For a personal lubricant.   On some days, the cycle is necessary, sometimes the amount of natural lubrication is not enough. However, should not be used with condoms, latex oil softens too, from this, they are not held tightly.

7. As a moisturizer for the face.   Here it is necessary to warn that this method of humidification may not suit many. And it's not just allergies. The fact oil-oil balance of the skin. It is important not to disturb him, not to get acne. But the girls with acne and acne moisturizing oils just fits. They on the other hand need to tame excessive allocation of own fat, consistently moisturized skin and this just causes. At least I know one woman who uses coconut oil on your face every day, and its antibacterial and soothing properties help it reduce the appearance of acne. But then again, it is strongly advised not to become better consult a dermatologist if you have any doubts.

 10 reasons to love coconut oil
 8. As a moisturizer for the body.   Remember, paragraph 3? On the legs, arms coconut oil works great. I always use, legs and feet is very soft, elbows, too. The smell, by the way, is not delayed, so do not be afraid that you will smell like cake. Calm can be combined with perfume or scented body products.

9. As a means for stacking.   Disobedient locks, curls, curls - all this can be tamed with a little coconut oil. An additional bonus - this oil will take care of your hair throughout the day.

10. For vegan baking.   For strict vegetarians who do not eat anything animal, coconut oil is an excellent alternative to creamy. Now available for Vegan donuts and puff, they will be able to cook the same difficult pastry cream and toppings.
Author: Your Tamara