Botox: a passion for poison
 "Revolutionary", "wonderful", "extraordinary" ... When talking about Botox, do not skimp on praise this product. This was particularly noticeable in the first years of its application in aesthetic medicine. When it seemed that the era of surgical scalpels for face lifts over.

End braces?

Botox - a powerful poison. Once injected, the product is "paralyzed" for several months, the muscles of treated areas. Even straining muscles practically no longer declining. Result: The skin is smooth and relaxed, rejuvenated face.

"Botox can do away with a term such as wrinkles", "- said Pierre Andre, French cosmetologist. "Botox is especially effective to eliminate forehead wrinkles, the furrow between the eyebrows, which tightens facial expression, as well as the proverbial crow's feet."

However, in fact, it seems to be gradually replaced botox forehead lift. Several injections he ruled out the risk of surgery under anesthesia, the results of which have always been far from ideal.

Bezi Michel, chairman of the association achievements Aesthetic Surgery states: "A few years ago, every week, I had two or three complaints about forehead lift, today I did not get more because patients prefer injections of Botox."

Four to five months of efficiency

Injection, which takes only a few minutes, is composed of injections in the forehead area. Surgery this procedure can not be called, but this is where everything is decided by a professional doctor's hand: he and dispense the product and stabbing it in strategic places ... at the risk of provoking a little misunderstanding.

If Botox reach the levator muscles of the century, the patient will remain for a few weeks with a lowered age ... Another risk, though very minimal, if poison touches the muscles that move the eye that can cause strabismus, sometimes requiring additional procedures.

Fortunately, these problems do not stay for long. The disadvantage that they provoke, disappears in a few weeks. Indeed, the Botox itself "out of steam", losing four, five months, all their effectiveness.

According to the Swiss Institute of therapeutic products, even if the product is injected into the well, the correct dosage of the skilled physician, 24% of patients suffer from undesirable results, such as bruising, swelling, pain and a slight decrease century.

Finally, Botox needs repeated injections - about two - three times a year. Thus, this procedure is expensive, it can be considered an average of 360 to 450 euros for a one-time procedure.
Hence the conclusion: Botox - it's only good for the family budget!

At the same time across the Atlantic, in the US the use of Botox has increased by 1,500% over these last 4 years. Sales of this miracle of the poison were represented € 25 million in 1993 and 500 million already in 2005!

A small warning to fans of Botox!

For Dr. Pierre Andre "Botox is the most important discovery of the aesthetic medicine."   For this doctor, there is no doubt that opened more than 30 years ago, but is used with only a dozen years in cosmetology, this poison connects effectiveness and safety.

However, this opinion is not shared by all doctors. The famous English physician Peter Mistra from the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, recalled in an editorial for the prestigious British Medical Journal (British Medical Newspaper) that   yet we do not know the long-term results of the use of Botox!