Choose the color of your eyes
 Why depend on the eye color? Previously, color differences were determined by anatomical and physiological features of the iris. But now the eye color completely depends on your preference in the selection of colored lenses. Today - brown, tomorrow - blue and next week - violet. Modern colored contact lenses can dramatically change the natural color of your eyes and give them a spicy shade and even a mysterious figure.

Currently, the lenses that change eye color, are not uncommon. Previously, these lenses used to correct visual defects eye: cataract, inoperable cataracts, diseases of the iris. Now shading or color contact lenses can benefit everyone.

Can colored contact lenses affect your vision? No, can not. And harm them no no. Of course, if you follow the simple rules for their use. As with conventional lenses, color have a certain life span (1-3 months) and the period of daily wear (8 hours or more). Special solution for their storage must also be changed on a daily basis in the containers. The only negative, which is possible to get from wearing any contact lens - with time reduced corneal sensitivity. However, to restore it now created special vitamin drops.

Colored contact lenses can be worn even by those who have vision is absolutely normal. Colored lenses have their advantages. Basically, they are made to order, so do not always have a diopter. And, therefore, it does not change your true vision, transforming the only eye color or pattern of the pupil.

 Choose the color of your eyes

Term of Use or ordinary color contact lenses can vary from two weeks to a year. Lenses with short term wear does not require special care, they just change frequently, but are correspondingly more expensive. Today, the huge market of contact lenses, there are many manufacturers that produce one-day contact lens color. This considerably simplifies the process of their use, enabling you to change the color of your eyes every day. Options also with a long life and passed 80-100% oxygen and are safe for the eyes, but are less expensive and require special attention and care to use.

Many manufacturers of conventional and colored contact lenses are not recommended to remove lenses at night. Oxygen transmission through the lens 100% and not obstruct the process of sleep or subsequent wearing. Do not experiment! Lens should be removed at night and put in a container with a special solution. Eyes still have at least a night to rest from the safe, but it's still a foreign body, and lens cleaning solution is urgently needed, the dust and fine dirt accumulated on them daily. Do not remove the lens at night is recommended only in extreme cases.

 Choose the color of your eyes

An important factor - ably choose suitable for you (for ease of wear and color) contact lenses. By myself I know, before you find something that really fit, pereprobuesh many inappropriate and poor quality options. I advise you to carry out the selection of contact lenses are not at home on the couch with a laptop in the hands and the site of some of the manufacturer of the lens. And yet seek the advice of a specialist. Ophthalmologists can be found almost anywhere in the sale of contact lenses or glasses. You can access and large ophthalmology clinic. The main thing - to find a place where the new, when you printed the lens you will try. So the feeling of comfort while wearing a check on the matter, and the color of the lens can pick up more accurate.

We'll talk more a choice of color lenses . According to modern technology, there are two categories change the color of your eyes starting.

- The first version of a painting . When you are satisfied with the native color of the eyes, but you want to give it a little more depth. For example, wearing a green lens on green eyes. You can give and spice, shading blue eyes gray shading lenses.
- The second option, fully colored lenses, rich, vivid color . Such lenses can dramatically change the color of even the darkest eyes. Modern colored lenses for eyes dark colors look very natural - they are real and Iris have stripes, dots and various shades of color. And the choice of color can not remain indifferent: rich aquamarine, bright violet and lush greenery. Your eyes will not go unnoticed!

We can not say about the decorative colored lens options . Lenses with a dollar sign or an asterisk in the iris color, the famous "cat's eye" or "eye of the vampire." Now such experiments are available to any layman.

 Choose the color of your eyes

The rapidly growing ophthalmic market imposes very strict requirements for product quality. And most modern producers of colored contact lenses completely corresponds to them by making the product of biocompatible polymer materials, eco-friendly and totally safe for health. One-day, two-week lenses for continuous wear for months - everyone can choose for themselves something suitable.

Pleases range of colored contact lenses. He is constantly updated, justifying our expectations. In the twenty-first century to change the color and shape of the eye becomes possible in an hour, in the literal sense of the word! The main thing, remember that the appearance of each person is unique, and eye color, too. Someone is gentle blue tint eyes, someone to decorate a light violet color of the iris, a special puzzle look pearly tones give a saturated or a bright juicy shade of aquamarine. Eye color, like hair color, you must choose carefully and wisely! If you do not come alone colored lenses - try others. The mass of options.
Author: Valentina Pyatygo