Collagen facials
 In the struggle for the youth and beauty of all good, one of them - collagen facials. Manufacturers of cosmetics have taken care of today's women, and offer a collagen mask, which is easy and convenient to use at home.

What is collagen?

Let's look in the dictionary: collagen (from the Greek kólla - glue and ... gene) - fibrillar protein group skleroproteinov, the bulk of the collagen fibers of the connective tissues. Collagen in the life of the human body plays an important role. Unfortunately, with age collagen in the body is reduced. The first suffers from this skin, it loses its firmness and elasticity, becomes dry, wrinkles appear. Scientists came up with the idea of ​​using collagen to maintain the health and youth of the skin - so were born the collagen mask.

Experts skin care (dermatologists and cosmetologists) note that the collagen deposited on the surface of the skin, can not penetrate into its deeper layers. The fact that the collagen molecule is too big, it can not penetrate into the skin surface. Collagen is not absorbed and is unable to affect the recovery of the natural collagen fibers in the skin. This is true, we must be realistic and not to believe blindly advertising. However, the above circumstances do not reduce the effectiveness of collagen masks. Collagen mask active on the skin surface.

The composition of the collagen masks

In plants, the collagen is not so for the production of masks collagen extracted from animal and fish skin. It is known that collagen is about one third of all proteins in animals and is an important structural component of connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, bones and fish scales, performing mainly supporting function. Collagen is used for the production of masks, its structure is very similar to natural human collagen - in the merit of modern scientists.

 Collagen facials
   Collagen - is not the only component of collagen masks. They include different active additives that make the use of such masks becomes more efficient. Among the ingredients collagen mask can be vitamins, extracts of medicinal plants, fruit acid, hyaluronic acid, natural essential oils, bleaching agents. Often, collagen and placenta are combined in one mask, cosmetics manufacturers offer just such a "cocktail" for the skin. Depending on which components have been further used to prepare collagen mask will depend on the effect of the procedure. For example, special supplements can relieve irritation, lighten dark spots and improve the complexion.

What action have a collagen mask to your face?   Collagen Mask:

- Improves blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin;
- Activates the metabolism;
- Toxins;
- Moisturizes the skin;
- Smoothes facial wrinkles;
- Prevents the formation of new wrinkles;
- Speeds up the healing process of wounds on the skin;
- Prevents the formation of rough scars;
- Restores the skin peels after a course;
- Tightens the skin.

Terms of use

 Collagen facials
 Collagen can be presented in the form of powder, to which is attached an active concentrated liquid. Before applying such masks have some work to do: powder and liquid are mixed to form a homogeneous mass, the resulting consistency should be similar to a jelly.

 Collagen facials
 Another type of collagen masks - so popular now mask cloth. They represent a napkin from a special material, cut out the shape of a human face with slits for eyes. Tissue collagen mask impregnated with a special compound. They are ready for use, it is only necessary to remove them from the package and apply on face.

Collagen masks are easy to use. Every woman knows that the mask made to apply to clean skin. First of all, you need to thoroughly clean the face of makeup and impurities. If you want to make the process as efficient as possible, it is possible to pre-treat the skin scrub and conduct self-massage of the face. Scrub thoroughly cleanse the skin from keratinized skin, and due to the light massage improves blood circulation and metabolism in the skin. If you do not be lazy and to hold preparatory procedure in full, the result of applying a collagen mask will be more pronounced.

The course of the procedure:

 Collagen facials
 - Powder Collagen Mask is necessary to prepare in advance for use according to instructions.

- Homogeneous jelly applied to the face.

- If the mask has a fabric base, then wipes impregnated with special water solution applied to the face and neck. This mask resembles a damp cloth.

- With a collagen mask on her face is not worth walking around the apartment, it is better to just lie down. A pleasant tune will enjoy.

- Collagen mask is left on for 20-30 minutes.

- The remains of a collagen mask soak a cloth, wash the face with warm water.

- The final stage of the procedure - drawing on the face and neck moisturizing cream.

Indications and contraindications

Collagen masks are suitable for different types of skin - this is another of their dignity. Taking into account the type and needs of their own skin, every woman can choose a favorite effective and subsequently the collagen mask. Regardless of the type of skin collagen masks have a complex effect: moisturize, restore, rejuvenate, regenerate the skin, tighten, relieve fatigue.

Estheticians emphasize that the use of collagen masks especially useful to owners of dry and aging skin.

Despite the obvious advantages weight collagen masks, there are some contraindications for their use. From the use of such masks have to give, if the skin has inflamed areas, cuts, rashes, allergy. Once the skin is normalized, you can treat yourself to a collagen mask.

 Collagen facials
 Hint . Where can I buy a collagen mask? The question is quite natural, especially after reading the article about the advantages of this type of masks. Collagen masks are sold in stores of cosmetics, in shops and even pharmacies. Collagen masks offer different cosmetic companies. Here's a little tip: Edelstar (France-Russia), Vilenta (Korea-China), Beauty Style (USA), Montagne Jeunesse (United Kingdom), Dizao (China), Imeten (China), Eveline (Poland), Pharaoh's Baths (China) . Prices collagen mask is quite acceptable.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova