False eyelashes: Learning from the pros
 Not everyone is lucky to be born with long eyelashes and fluffy. That's why most of us, have to resort to a little trick to battling his view on the felling.

Most often, a good result can be obtained using carcasses But sometimes there are moments when I want to give greater emphasis to their eyes. Here then come to the aid false eyelashes . Now on sale there are a large number of them. It is believed that at home, very very hard to make everything right. In principle, this assumption is true. But, as the saying goes, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing. Today we'll show you how to glue the false eyelashes and create a unique image.

What do we need?

- false eyelashes;

- Special glue;

- Eyeliner;

- Ink;

- Spoon.

The first time will be hard. But nothing a bit of practice and all is well. Well get down?

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1.
  Buy false eyelashes. This is easier said than done. The choice is very large. From natural and synthetic materials, long, super long, classical and colorful, with crystals and without. Select only you. I advise you to first buy a few pairs of cheap. For practice.

Step 2.   Now you need to buy glue. Even if false eyelashes sold with them. While we train, we translate the two.

STEP 3.   Well, we're ready. We took a deep breath and begin. Please move your eyes. Take a dark shadow or a pencil and draw a line as close to the lash line.

Step 4.   We get out of the container false eyelashes, but do not throw it. Useful for storage. And applying them to the eyes to adjust to your eyes razmerchik. Slightly clipped from the edges to fit under your lashes. Immediately crop and second, that they are the same.

Step 5.   Open the glue and take the brush. It is necessary to remove the excess glue. Apply it to the base of the eyelashes. Give a little dry and attach to the eye where you held the line. Attach as close as possible to their home eyelashes. Begin overhead press from the middle to the edges. For a few seconds, hold the ends, to ensure that they stuck. Using a toothpick, swipe the base of the eyelashes.

Step 6.   Exhaled. Now we do the same thing on the other side.

Step 7.   Here eyelashes glued on both sides. Now we take a black liquid liner. And draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to make the image complete. It is necessary to make the kind of false eyelashes more natural, therefore, not necessarily sum up the entire eye. Now, we do it to the other side.

Step 8.   Now open secret. Take a tablespoon of plain. We put it to the eyelashes, so that the convex portion was next to them. And take mascara. Apply to the eyelashes. Spoon will stir false eyelashes and together for more naturalness. And voila !!!!! The expressive, seductive and languid eyes ready.

Step 9.   Apply shadow and make-up finish. And now the last test. Take a toothpick and try to move the lashes. Base should not move. If the edge of the eyelashes come unstuck. Dip the edge of the toothpick into the glue and fix the lashes.

Note:   If false eyelashes are too wide for your eyes just a few extreme sostrig cilia so that adjust the width at you. If you trim the lashes are too long many of them. Well, just do not make them square. Try to keep the naturalness.

And now the question. How to remove the false eyelashes?   Apply some makeup remover or cream on them and leave for a couple of seconds to soften the glue. Grasp the edge and peel off.

Caring for eyelashes

Eyelashes can be used several times, if you are caring for them. To wash them use warm soapy water. Using tweezers, remove the glue. And with a toothbrush to remove dirt between the cilia. Allow to dry. Store in the same package in which you bought them.

Never sleep with false eyelashes. Pity his eyes.

Spring is coming, it's a good time to experiment. Do not be afraid to change, to surprise and to try something new. Be beautiful!
Author: Vera Karabutova