Important wipes
 Wash hands, makeup remover, rub fruits, disinfect the wound and bring to shine windows and mirrors, to clean up the apartment ... What unites all these things? The fact that all this can be done using wet wipes!

Spain's Queen Isabella of Castile recognized that a lifetime washed twice - at birth and the wedding day ... If in the XV century were wet wipes, hygiene situation with Her Majesty, probably would not be as critical. However, the wet wipes was destined to be born only four centuries later.

Wipes were designed in the 70s of the last century - around the same time with the invention of the first zhevachek, call-centers and bank cards. However, the first wet wipes were far from perfect: the quality they are more like ordinary paper towels soaked in bactericidal solution. Accordingly, it had a lot of shortcomings: torn, dries quickly and were not soft and durable. Yes, and they were used originally highly specialized - for the kids.

Fundamental changes have occurred as a napkin after producers refused to cellulose in favor of synthetic fibers and switched to non-woven materials that are in no way inferior to natural softness, but has excellent absorbency. And the improvement of lotions and fragrances allowed to make them more functional - wipes gradually began to appear in the bathrooms, the glove compartment, pockets and bags.

In Russia, wipes appeared since the late '90s, however, the most widely used in the last two years, transformed from a luxury item in the usual attribute of everyday life. To date, there are many varieties of wet wipes: universal, children, makeup remover, intimate, antiseptic, male deodorant for teenagers. Another group of wet wipes - wipes for household purposes: for glass, car, office, monitor for points and even special wipes for washing fruits!

Of course, in theory it would be possible to release universal napkins and use them for any purpose, however, the use of specialized tissue is more effective. The fact that they differ not only the names and fields of application, but also the quality of the material and the composition of lotions, which are used for impregnation.

Thus, for example, lotions, baby wipes are characterized by a large number of herbal supplements: wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, chamomile, etc. In addition, baby wipes should be hypoallergenic, have a pH of 5, 5, and almost imperceptible and blurred flavor.

In the lotion wipes for personal hygiene includes antiseptic additives such as calendula extract, and milk protein, which strengthens the protective properties of the female body.

Napkins for removing make-up designed for fast and easy purification of face and eye make-up on, eliminating the need for a woman to use additional funds - tonic, cotton pads, etc. That is why they impregnating lotions contain additives that increase the elasticity of the skin and evens the complexion (for example, wheat germ oil), and may also contain keratin, which strengthens the lashes.

Of course, the wipes are no substitute for water treatment, however, in an environment where water and soap is not at hand, or when the use of water is not very comfortable (in travel, transportation, walking around the city), wet wipes are irreplaceable. Moreover, the trend of recent years is that choosing between water and wet wipes, people increasingly prefer the latter. And this is understandable: wipes can replace not only a source of water, and cleaning / cosmetic and towel, and a variety of options packages (pocket-sized package, big pack or plastic can) make their use as easy as possible in all situations.

However, scientists have found a damp cloth another application. Now they plan to use the International Space Station to protect the crew from radiation.

Vladislav Petrov, head of the Radiation Safety Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, explains that cosmic radiation is best attenuated light substances containing hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, that the most successful way there in the impregnating lotion wipes. Anti-radiation design will be of a curtain with pockets into which are inserted into plastic packaging wet wipes.

Author: Elena Volodina Company "Maltimeks"