Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 As we have lived before without silicone, present difficult. We have become accustomed to the fact that silicone products are in our lives practicality and comfort. Indeed, silicone - The material is soft and today he is widely recognized as the best contact with human skin.

It is thanks to the unique properties of silicone it was chosen by physicians as the basic material for the production of orthopedic products. Silicone bra, silicone pad, silicone kitchenware, silicone implants, Go for this amazing list of silicone insoles do not cause great surprise.

What is it about

To date, the sale is a huge range of silicone insoles and pads for different areas of the foot.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
   Experiencing pain in the longitudinal arch? Then you can help special silicone wedge made to the relevant part of the shoe. Such an arrangement is also an excellent preventive measure against flat feet and, of course, make it easier for people walking who already suffer from this disease.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 When walking experiencing excessive stress and inconvenience in the forefoot? Then you help out a silicone cuff or insert a paw, which will discharge, anti-friction and will give comfort stop.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
   If you wear sandals suffer discomfort between your toes? To solve this problem developed interdigital silicone septum.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 Rubbed a finger in new shoes? Here rescue Silicone fingertip for the feet, which is a seamless design, which is very handy for damaged skin. This simple device is also able to prevent injury to the toes and protect them from the formation of blisters.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 Rubbed bone protrusion of the thumb? Silicone insert for this area of ​​the foot to protect his painful pressure and friction sensitive.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 Experience painful pressure of the shoe on his fingertips? Come to the aid silicone septum with a special attachment.

The heel when walking will help to protect the sticker silicone protector with fabric cover for the backdrop of shoes and heel cushions (cup-shaped or flat) of silicone dual density. Such devices cool will help you out when in front of a long day on your feet.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 Sticker Protector to give comfort heel shoe heel, prevents the formation of blisters and rubbing. One sticker will last for 2 weeks.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 Silicone heel cushions recommended for pregnant women because they significantly reduce the load on the spine. High heel cushions perfectly protect the wall from the heel injury and ensure correct positioning of the foot in athletic shoes that will appeal especially to people who are fond of jogging. Also cup-shaped silicone heel cushions doctors recommend the use of rehabilitation after a bone fracture of the foot.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 If you still happen Namin, corn or corns, the skin from further damage by lifting the insert protects the foot.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 For lovers of high heels on weekdays will ease the burden on the legs silicone pad under the ball of foot pad with a removable transverse arch. The thickness of such pads is only 2mm, so takes up little space in the shoe, and thus relieves the great cross-arch helps with pressure sores and corns. One such pads will last for 1 week intensive socks.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 But pyatochku from shocks when walking in open shoes best to protect special silicone inserts. Such an arrangement would be an excellent prevention of cracks in the skin of the heel.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 Actually silicone insole may be at 3/4 of the length and transverse arch at full length. As a rule, both models are equipped with an antibacterial coating. If necessary, the insole can be cut to size.

Why silicone?

Silicone went perfectly as a material for the manufacture of insoles in shoes and pads for different parts of the foot, as the non-slip soles of the feet. Silicone - a resilient material, stop it like a spring, causing the muscles and tendons of the legs relax, blood circulation improves, walking becomes more comfortable and less tired legs.

Skin-contacting side of the insole, tend to make antibacterial, and odor absorbent, which also adds to the comfort during prolonged walking. In addition, antibacterial allows the foot is easier to penetrate the shoes.

Silicone - a rare material that is almost never causes allergic reactions and prevents the growth and development of different kinds of fungus and bacteria.

Doctors recommend silicone insoles for prevention and treatment of flatfoot, diabetic foot syndrome initial degree, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, heel spur, in the period of rehabilitation after injuries, cracks and dryness of the skin of the foot.

But the main reason that acquire the silicone shoe - to line under the most live dirty footmarks place.

Contraindications and disadvantages of silicone insoles

- Silicone products should not be used longer than 16 hours a day.

- Contraindication to the use of silicone insoles are open or bleeding wounds.

- Shelf life of silicone is unlimited, but the service life will depend on care, correct selection of the size, the individual characteristics of the socks and the intensity of use of the product. On average it is 2 months.

- Some users complain that they do not like the feeling of silicone on your skin. Even compared to touch him with a touch of a frog.

- As a rule, manufacturers offer for sale ultra-thin models silicone insoles, which are suitable for any designer shoes. But, nevertheless, still some users sometimes complain that the foot in the shoe with the insole closely.

 Silicone insole. A series of articles "Silicon generation"
 How to care

Recommended daily washing after use silicone products for the foot in warm water with a small amount of soap. In no case should not be allowed contact with chlorine silicone. After washing, silicone insoles need to wet a soft cloth and dry without using heating appliances, avoiding direct sunlight. Before subsequent application, it is desirable to process insoles ordinary powder.

Silicone insoles can be used with oils, vitamins and flavoring.

How much is

Silicone products stack, depending on the size and purpose, are from 3 to 60 USD The average price of a silicon-shock insole with antibacterial layer varies from 16 USD

Where to buy

Silicone insoles are sold in major shopping malls, pharmacies and specialized Internet portals.

And what part of the foot you are the strongest live dirty footmarks? Maybe it's time to take pity on her and watch the corresponding silicone insole?
Author: Natalia Hryshko