The choice of means for skin care - what must know each adult woman
 Remember in school biology classes (and sometimes on extra-curricular activities) warned us that we were in no hurry to fill cosmetic creams, masks, cleansing lotion, and even more so to use them in school years? How wise adults have repeatedly said that any girl under the age of 25 years is considered to be the perfect baby cream? But then, in my school years, so wanted to look older, try to imagine all the new and colorfully characterized in the advertisements, is not it?

Even if you are not familiar with this situation, I propose to look at the issue of choice of cosmetics from the top of the adult experience. Especially those who faced the negative consequences of the use of certain well-publicized means of face and body.

Advertising Myths about creams and real information about their composition
Many of us in the circle of acquaintances who have distributors of cosmetics, repeatedly hear that every day we need to clean the skin, regularly apply a mask to stock funds from premature aging ... Here in catalogs instead of describing the composition of funds for face and body with bright letters pestreyut the phrase "natural moisturizing gentle," "saturation of the necessary vitamins and trace elements", "natural color", "whitening" and "glow", "wrinkle removal at home" and so on. d.

 The choice of means for skin care - what must know each adult woman
   But even experienced consultants known firms do not always realize what is hiding under similar expressions.

Excellent description of some of these products, in a sense, his eyes clouded. Armed with information about some of the building blocks for its creams, you'll know which ones are only a "masked" in the guise of useful, and that should be permanently removed from the beauticians.

 The choice of means for skin care - what must know each adult woman
 So, to "hidden enemies" of the skin, primarily include petrochemical products (chemical name of which, incidentally, can be seen even on the labels of products to lubricate the mechanisms of automobiles!). The most common of them - a component of lubricating oils, detergents, toothpaste, gel and creamy skin - sodium lauryl sulfate ( sodium lauryl sulfate ), Abbreviated as SLS, and "close to him" according to the formula and especially impacts sodium laureth sulfate ( sodium lauryl ether sulfate Or SLES ).

According to studies, small amounts of these substances are not dangerous. However, it should be remembered that their accumulation in body tissues can cause a number of negative consequences (especially in combination with carcinogenic components, which will be discussed below).

Anecdote to this topic
Male chemist with a surprised expression on his face is considering a tube of cream female.
- What did you see, my dear?
- Why, I look in your cream of the same components as in my engine oil.
- Wow (jokingly), manufacturers of machine oils have learned how to add them to our creams?
- No, I think, is that you learn to clear the skin than in car clean and grease car parts ...

No less dangerous and technical oily components (vaseline, paraffin), a part of moisturizers and referred to the English expression Mineral oil   (mineral oil). In fact, under this name lies a beautiful mixture of liquid carbohydrates isolated from ... gas. Upon contact with the skin of water-resistant film is formed, leading to the formation of microcracks and the depletion of the skin.

Among other petrochemical products used in creams, it is necessary to mention also the petrolatum ( petrolatum ) And propylene glycol ( propilen glihol ). The first inhibits the release of toxins from the skin, thus preventing, saturate it with oxygen and disrupting the natural metabolism. Excess second negative impact on the nervous system, kidney and liver, and in some cases leads to the development of cancerous tumors.

It is not recommended to buy and care facilities, which is composed of diethanolamine (abbreviated English letters DEA ), Triethanolamine ( TEA ) And butylated hydroxy ( BHA ). The first two compounds are able to react with some of the other ingredients to form creams carcinogens. A BHA not only belongs to the category of carcinogenic components, but also causes disturbances of the endocrine, reproductive, nervous system (which is why, in many countries it was prohibited to add in cosmetic preparations).

It is carcinogenic and salicylic acid (concealed under the symbol BHA). Plug it into the cream to fight acne and clean pores, so the use of such means should be carefully (without abusing them).

It will not hurt as learn more about whitening, nutritional and "harmless" at first glance, white clay (chemical name of which - Kaolin ). Thus, according to the manufacturers and advertisers, it has antiseptic properties, normalizes the sebaceous glands and gives the skin elasticity. A mask on the basis of its excellent "prescribed" owners of problematic and dry skin. But not everyone knows that the kaolin, among other things, dehydrates the skin and prevents the removal of these toxins. In this case it may be composed of a number of contaminants.

It is interesting
According to various sources, our compatriots spend on cosmetics and perfumery means about 12-15% of their income. That is about 3 times more than the American and Europeans. Perhaps the reason for this lies in the fact that indeed buy quality cosmetics at an affordable price abroad easier?

 The choice of means for skin care - what must know each adult woman
 What should be on the labels of anti-cellulite skin?
This question, by the way, today is not less important than the issue of the use of prohibited additives in creams for cleansing and moisturizing the skin tissues. After all cosmetic companies developing similar means, constantly urging the beauties of various ages that their products unique formula, tested on thousands of volunteers, and so on. D.

Do not penetrating into the details of original promotional descriptions of anti-cellulite creams, lotions and other goods, we note only that in their composition must be material:
- Contribute to strengthening the metabolism and synthesis of collagen;
- Improve blood and lymph circulation;
- Improves skin elasticity and skin tone.

 The choice of means for skin care - what must know each adult woman
 In other words, on the labels of such products need to look for:

- Extracts of plants used for the normalization of metabolism (horse chestnut, horsetail, St. John's wort, hawthorn), as well as means for removing toxins (green tea, red grapes and kelp);
- Essential oils providing drainage skin (e.g., lavender or cypress);
- Vitamins, increases the elasticity of blood vessels (A, C, E, B group);
- Fat-splitting substances and components that prevent its accumulation (caffeine, Xanten or phloridzin).

The truth about collagen
Subject creams, slows the aging process, deserves special attention. To find out whether or not they return a few years (as they say happy girl from advertising) should focus on the basic features of their composite components - collagen.

In fact, collagen is a protein elastic substance which fills the space between muscle fibers. At the same time, according to specialists in the field of cosmetology, its introduction into the body contributes to the revival and renewal of the skin cells of the skin.

But this, of course, only a theory that helps in the promotion of the so-called collagen wrinkle creams. In fact, far from any useful collagen and in any form.

Thus, the use to rejuvenate affordable for external use with a collagen of animal origin - is simply self-deception.

The fact that the molecules of the collagen are large, which is why they are not able to penetrate the skin cells and especially integrated into them (which is necessary to achieve the desired result). Besides, the structure is not compatible with the human skin (whereby using creams based on its state of a woman's skin might be degraded).

 The choice of means for skin care - what must know each adult woman
 Formulations of plant and marine collagen ideal for skin tissue. By the way, the latter type of collagen is perfectly aligned with our own. But the cost of these components is very high, and afford a cream with their content can by no means any girl.

It is interesting
- Wrinkles can occur even in his youth because of vision problems, or because of excessive mobility of the facial muscles. In this case, anti-aging creams to deal with them is not to use rationally. They not only do not help, but harm blooming skin.

- The fact that a woman (even known) is removed in an advertisement anti-aging cream, has not yet said that they really enjoyed it.

- Many enterprising developers offer a new solution - the introduction of collagen in the body in the form of injections and drinking systems based on it. It is proved that in the first case, the body rejects the introduced protein after 6-12 months (with the result that there is a need for re-vaccination). And the effect of collagen drinks have to wait for months (for which, by the way, the body can synthesize unlearn it yourself). At the same time, according to skeptics, replace it with the same success can be ... the dissolved gelatin, which is a product of collagen of animal origin.
Author: Alla Pilipenko