Algae Italian bottling - cosmetics GUAM
 The biochemical composition of algae is unique and almost completely identical to that of human blood plasma.

The benefits of algae, sea mud and salts thereof, medical and anti-aging effects have known for many thousands of years ago, people living near the sea or ocean. But only in the 19th century, algae therapy has gained official status. Thalassotherapy term was introduced into circulation by the French physician de la Bonader in 1869 by combining two Greek roots: «thalassa» and «therapei» to determine the therapeutic effects of the marine environment on the health of patients. Today, thalassotherapy includes wraps, water treatments, special diet, the use of cosmetic products containing in its composition products of marine origin.

Interesting!   Thalassotherapy institute - a health and beauty centers where health course starts with a consultation of the therapist and a nutritionist, compiling an individual treatment plan, and where the necessary conditions for deep relaxation and effective recovery.

The unique program of correction and treatment of cellulite, facial and mineralization of hair algae, sea salt and clay, developed by experts of the Institute SCHOTE LACOTE Study & Research, for almost two decades, enjoyed great success with beauticians and customers the most renowned clinics and salons Beauty around the world.

The main components that make up cosmetics GUAM

• GUAM-complex - an extract of brown algae grown on special plantations;

• natural sea clay, sea salt;

• Essential oils of lemon and oregano;

• extracts of ivy, horsetail, horse chestnut;

• Phytoplankton GUAM.

The chemical composition of algae

The biochemical composition of algae is unique and almost completely identical to that of human blood plasma. Because of this the algae contained in the biologically active substances are absorbed almost 100%. Seaweed contains a rich range of substances necessary for the health and beauty of hair: proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

The chemical composition of sea salt

The main active substance of sea salt is sodium chloride. Sol win natural complex of biologically active macroelements (Na, K, Mg, Ca) and trace elements (lithium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, boron, etc.) In a balanced ratio, inter-crystalline clay Microinclusions gases. Sea salt irritate the skin, causing a rush of blood and increasing the division of cells in the epidermis. It accelerates regeneration of damaged covers.

The chemical composition of marine clay

High silica content in the marine clay stimulates hair growth, has antidandruff action; Aluminum has antacid, dried and astringent properties; it is the chemical composition of the clay has easily irritated and stimulating effect, activating the microcirculation of the skin.

Interesting!   Treatments with the means of the algae are beneficial in stress, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, cellulite, excess weight, joint pains, rheumatism, arthritis, improves blood circulation and lymphatic system.

 Algae Italian bottling - cosmetics GUAM
 GUAM mask for breast based white clay

The mask has a pleasant cooling effect. Thanks to its special composition (algae and kaolin), a mask is perfect for eliminating skin laxity chest, following the weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. After applying the mask breast skin becomes more elastic, supple and polished.

 Algae Italian bottling - cosmetics GUAM
 GUAM anti-cellulite mask from algae for the procedure wraps

Anti-cellulite mask improves microcirculation, stimulates metabolism in fat cells, stimulates lipolysis. Strengthens the vessels, improves lymphatic drainage, helps to relieve swelling. The active ingredients of mud masks have a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, smoothes the skin.

 Algae Italian bottling - cosmetics GUAM
 GUAM energizing body scrub

The composition of aroma scrub includes sea salt, algae extracts and unsurpassed combination of oils, so scrub deeply cleanses the skin, stimulates cellular regeneration mechanisms, improves the microrelief and color, restores the epidermal barrier.

 Algae Italian bottling - cosmetics GUAM
   GUAM talassogel shower

The gel has a purifying, soothing, moisturizing and refreshing effect, combining regenerative, restorative and nourishing effects.

 Algae Italian bottling - cosmetics GUAM
   GUAM sea salt bath

Sea salt with algae and essential oils effectively acts on the cellulite has mineralizing properties, has a delicate flavor, helping to relax and gain excellent health.
Author: Inna Sedykh