Girl, you smoke? Then - new items for your cosmetic
 Needless to say, of course, it is better to quit. But if you can not? Or if you work in the company of smokers? Often, getting in a creative atmosphere, it is possible with the work of (useful) and soak up cigarette smoke and unpleasant smell ashtrays (which is not only useful, but also very unpleasant!). And most importantly, all of this is instantly reflected on the face.

And although the process of quitting the habit may be delayed for weeks or months, we can begin to solve the "tobacco" issues directly today. Modern means and procedures are able to offer the girls suffering from daily encounter with the negative effects of tobacco, something that is quite effective, and even salutary.

The tobacco problem №1. Dehydration. Cigarette smoke dries have inside and outside. Anyone who is forced to be in such an atmosphere need constant hydration and skin and body.

• To avoid dehydration, apply moisturizer on your face intense 24-hour action.

• Throw in a handbag moisturizing spray and occasionally sprinkled his face, a good use for this and thermal water.

• After a long and smoky working day moisturizing cream mask restores moisture balance.

The tobacco problem №2. The appearance of fine lines around the eyes and lips.   With each smoked a cigarette the body loses vitamin C (ascorbic acid), one of whose functions - protecting collagen. Without ascorbic acid breaks down collagen, which leads to premature wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. Aging and helps slow the blood circulation in the body of the smoker.

• To protect the skin from the cigarette, you need vitamin C, inside - tablet askorbinki, externally - serum with the magic bullet. In general, serum more effective, they are more concentrated, you need the skin is constantly being attacked smoke outside.

• From become noticeable wrinkles relieve agents with active ingredients - antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E. Skin it - the main power.

• vitamins, collagen and the active components skin can receive not only in creams, but also in the form of injections (mesotherapy).

• It is known that the skin of 90% is supplied from the inside. Therefore vitamins help replenish vitamins and minerals. Pay attention to those that contain we need vitamins A, C and E. It is, for example, "Aevitum" VITRUM BEAUTY.

 Girl, you smoke? Then - new items for your cosmetic

1. Mask-detox for skin radiance, HYDRA DETOX, BIOTHERM. 2. Intensive moisturizer, CAPTURE TOTALE HAUTE NUTRITION, DIOR. 3.Uvlazhnyayuschy cream yogurt, SKIN DRINK SOFT, GIVENCHY. 4. Mask TOTAL EFFECTS, OLAY. 5. Restoring the elixir for the face, ELIXIR, L'OCCITANE.

The tobacco problem №3. Gray complexion.   Unfortunately, the skin in the smoke-filled room suffers from lack of oxygen and the huge amounts of free radicals, which are in the air.

• Before you apply makeup cream or serum-shine. They contain a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, and the skin will be all day "glow" under makeup.

• revive the complexion means-SOS - and they have therapeutic and cosmetic effects. Vitamin A, sucrose and caffeine revitalizes the skin and brilliant microparticles instantly give it shine.

• Add the face, and the whole body, the energy will freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning. As well as natural coconut milk, it will give a sweet taste of energy and improve digestion.

The tobacco issue №4. Intoxication.   The skin is exposed to the direct toxic effects of carbon monoxide. But that is not all. Attacking skin products formed by the combustion of tobacco: ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, butane, nicotine, carbolic acid, formaldehyde, arsenic. After that, the skin needs an intensive program of cleansing the inside and outside.

• Detox skin can be a good tonic.

• Drink freshly brewed green tea, it perfectly displays the body of toxins. Drink mineral water.

• the effectiveness of vitamin and moisturizing masks and patches.

• Use a heavy night cream to your skin for the night cleared of all harmful, with what she had to face during the day.

The tobacco issue №5. The raid on the teeth.   This is one of the first signs of the smoker. Put up with it is not permissible! In a running fight with this problem more difficult. So immediately for the cause.

• Choose a professional dental care rather than home. Smokers require more frequent visits to the dentist, because they have more problems.

• Immediately after a professional whitening procedure in the dental office, try as much as possible not to smoke. In the first three days after this procedure, any intrusion of nicotine or non-ferrous products in the teeth may be reduced to "no" all the efforts of the master. So try this period just to clean your teeth after cigarette.

• Use a whitening toothpaste. The tiny abrasive particles in its composition brushes darkening and plaque.

• Every three months, use home whitening system - strips or gels that are sold in pharmacies. Talk to your dentist that will suit you.

 Girl, you smoke? Then - new items for your cosmetic

1. Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream with vitamins A and E, EVELINE. 2. Night Cream and Serum VINOPERFECT, CAUDALIE. 3. Roller Gel for the skin around the eyes "Beauty Diet», GARNIER. 4. Power jelly, GELEE DE CHOC, PAYOT. 5. The thermal water, EAU THERMALE, AVENE.

The tobacco problem №6. Weak hair. Smoke from cigarettes and cigars makes the hair limp, dull, deprives them of their power. Sometimes they start to drop or significantly thinned. It is not surprising, because around this hostile environment.

• Daily apply on the ends of hair serum and indelible nourishing and moisturizing creams protect the hair.

• Masks and wrappings with active oxygen, liquid keratin and silicone - is what will save the hair.

• Be sure to pay attention to not only hair but also the scalp. Dandruff - often the reaction of the scalp on the combustion products of tobacco. Suitable shampoo and rubbing the scalp can remedy the situation.

The tobacco issue №7. Not resistant makeup.   Constant exposure to smoke can ruin even the most resistant make-up. Many of your meykapa means "flow" or simply disappear from your face. What to do?

• make-up - fix it! Or use a "point" means (a separate lip, eyelash, for the tone), or find one universal. Such a universal spray Fasten makeup, moisturize and refresh the skin. By the way, these tools used by professional makeup artists, models when preparing to leave the podium, or artists to long filming for one day.

• Use waterproof mascara and mascara with a two-phase technology: the presence of a base under mascara will give it greater resistance.

 Girl, you smoke? Then - new items for your cosmetic

1. Refreshing facial spray, fixing makeup, SPRAY FLASH ECLAT, SEPHORA. 2. Cream for hands and nails, KAMILL. 3. Intensive Cream for very dry skin of hands, DOVE. 4. Scalp Serum PROGRESSIFE, CARITA. 5. The leave-in conditioner for blonde hair, ANTI AGING, CAVIAR ALTERNA.

The tobacco problem №8. Loose skin of hands, fingers yellow.   And not only this! Hands after the cigarette smell is very unpleasant, and the skin dries very quickly.

• Wash your hands often. Better after each break. But ordinary soap is often too rigid, he will have the feeling of tightness and discomfort. Try to change it to a moisturizing soaps with emollients or handmade soap - it is usually softer than usual and is more suitable for frequent use.

• Pick a thick nourishing hand cream with a waterproof effect, then the skin will be protected and from chlorinated water, and from alkali, and from the negative effects of tobacco.

• Always have a supply of deodorant wipes: it cleanse hands and nails and get rid of the smell.

The tobacco problem №9. Brittle and yellow fingernails.   Constant contact with the smoke dehydrate nails, they become dry and brittle. Changing their natural color, the nails become dull rough surface.

• It is better to brighten your nails every day, to the yellow plaque did not become chronic. Wipe nails orange or lemon peel. They immediately begin to shine. With regular repetition of this simple procedure lightens even very yellowed nails.

• Take vitamin complexes with calcium, iodine, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C and E.

• Need more proof manicure, it is desirable not only decorative, but also a strengthening and nourishing nail plate.

The tobacco problem №10. Smell.   Get rid of him is very difficult, and completely - almost impossible. But a couple of tips you can give.

• When washing clothes be sure to use a special fabric softener, they seem to repel odors.

• Perfume is better to choose a more sustainable, using perfumed deodorant.

• Not all perfumes are combined with the smell of tobacco smoke. Such "stand" unisex scents and smells of the evening.

That, it turns out that smokers or girl working in an atmosphere of tobacco smoke, cosmetics and procedures required almost two times more than all the rest. Unnecessary spending - this may be another argument for saving to quit smoking, do not you? And if you still can not - well, now you know what to do!
Author: Julia Gnedina