Hour beauty - permanent make-up
 You are tired of constantly worrying that erased lipstick, mascara and float, to correct makeup during the day? Out there - permanent makeup!

Permanent makeup, mikropigmentirovanie, dermopigmentirovanie, dermographia, mikroimplantatsiya pigments, tattoo - a violation of integrity of the skin by means of special power tools - electric dermopigmentatorov - with the subsequent introduction of dyes on plant-mineral based on the level of the dermis to produce stable, within 3-5 years, non-vanishing lines.

The functions of permanent makeup

The most common reason for applying permanent make-up - improving their appearance. However, tattooing can help in a number of other cosmetic problems.

- Correction of congenital defects of the skin.

- Masking acquired defects.

- The effect of the stability and duration.

- Correction of facial asymmetry.

- Increasing the size of the lips.

- Correction of the shape and color of eyebrows.

- Correction of the eyelids and increased expressive eyes

Paints for permanent make-up

With permanent make-up used dyes are injected directly into the skin and, consequently, into the body. For professional use dyes having a fairly narrow "specialization": some palette pigment eyebrow, eye, lip and corrective pigments skin tones. Since the manufacturers know the specifics of the reactions of the human body, they predict in advance the possible color changes. For example, in the mouth zone of many blood vessels, therefore introduced ink can make the lips bluish-purple color. In order to avoid this, in a special dye injected drugs active ingredient - iron oxide. In the paint can poryzhet eyebrows. Therefore, its composition is added olive pigment. This correction is only possible if the different palettes for individual parts of the body.

Regardless of the composition of all dyes used for permanent makeup should undergo special testing and have certificates of conformity.

Dyes for permanent make-up have a complex structure comprising iron oxide - 70% organic pigments, titanium bioksid special mixers, glycerol, isopropyl alcohol and others.

Modern dyes have a structure of very fine, micronized maximally homogenous not dry out and do not evaporate.

It is very important to choose the right style and tone of the dye, it must be in harmony with the color of the skin and eyes. The lines must be clear and correct.

Contraindications to tattooing

- Increased sensitivity of the skin.

- Some forms of diabetes.

- Diseases of the blood.

- Recurrent herpes.

- Bronchial asthma.

- Epilepsy.

- The tendency to form keloids.

- During the period of exacerbation of any disease.

- During pregnancy and lactation.

- During the menses.

- After drinking alcohol, and drugs that increase blood clotting.

Master's and interior

To achieve the desired effect of permanent makeup are of paramount importance and the correct procedural tattoo and tattoo master skills and behavior of the customer. Only with a good level of equipment, high skills possible expected result. In addition, the important point is the safety of the procedure. In good salon you need to demonstrate a sterile disposable equipment (gloves, disposable needles).

Choosing a good master complicated. To stay in one of the experts want to see it work. Best of all, if you appreciate the work of a specialist, looking at the other customers.

The procedure of permanent makeup lips

Before the procedure, you can not drink alcohol, because under its influence increases blood circulation, lips will bleed profusely and the pigment worse lying down. It is also not advised to take blood thinning agents.

For two days you must start taking acyclovir or other antiviral agent, as the damage may trigger the appearance of herpes. The outbreak of herpes can affect the result: sore fall off dried up, and with it, and the paint will remain unpainted spot. Also recommended immunostimulatory agents - vitamins, homeopathic remedies, etc.

While permanent makeup lip injection anesthesia is used, although many masters practiced anesthetic cream. Due to the fact that the muscle relaxant anesthesia, they can 'float'. Therefore lips encircle the pre-fine brush, fixing form.

After the anesthesia start to work on the loop. If it is assumed that the circuit will be clear and thin, the very thin needle is used, more than a vague outline of the thick needles are applied. Color shading may be the same or different from the color of the outline, it depends on the customer. In operation, the master constantly rub the area with a disinfectant gel lips.

After the procedure is completed lips look enlarged. The run-off will disappear within 5-9 hours. In the first few days after the procedure lips look unnaturally bright, changing their tone, mixed with the lymph and blood. Then will form crusts. After 2-3 days, crusts will flake, due to uneven peeling lips make-up becomes nonuniform. Once the crust is fully come, will remain flaky film - secondary crust. Because of whitish flakes of paint will look pale. After 2 weeks after, come the secondary color of the film will be such a wish.

Errors wizard:   the asymmetric shape of the lips, uneven coloring, contour spots, the wrong color, scarring of the circuit.

It usually takes corrective procedures within one month after the application of permanent make-up, sometimes three, but no longer.

The procedure of permanent makeup eyebrows

The color is chosen with the expectation that most natural brow look. However, the permanent make-up eyebrows never used black. He gives the blue, so the tattoo looks very rough. Therefore, for brunettes burning a mixture of gray, brown and olive colors.

Natural drawing eyebrows are not always best suited to your face type. Therefore, the selection of face shape, emphasizing the dignity of the person, - an indicator of specialist skills. Eyebrows are always asymmetric and task master - make them visually balanced.

There are two techniques of permanent makeup eyebrows. First - shading technique - the most preferred because the eyebrows due to look completely organic and natural, as if they were only slightly artfully tinted pencil or shadow. Second fashionable technique - 'voloskami'- has a significant drawback. The essence of this technology lies in the fact that the line drawn eyebrow hairs, but it looks natural, but if you have the nature of the bushy eyebrows.

After applying an anesthetic cream to begin basting circuit. Stained brow once all strokes that mimic the hairs. At the same time try to capture as much as possible the upper and lower boundaries of the eyebrows. Then begin to shade. In the process of eyebrow area is wiped with disinfectant gel.

Most often, permanent makeup eyebrows done by 'head' to 'ponytail'. But sometimes the 'head' left for later - as the most difficult part of the eyebrows, it should be rounded.

After the procedure, the eyebrows almost no area swells and turns red. Eyebrows look bright-painted. As in the case of the lips at the end of two weeks the crust descend and lip color will become what would be desirable. Correction shall be appointed no earlier than 2 weeks and no later than a month.

Errors wizard:   the lack of visual symmetry, the curve shape of the eyebrows, the inaccuracy of shade.

Caring for permanent makeup

During the entire period of healing must follow these rules.

- Do not remove the crust. Pigments are introduced quite shallow and with a crust can go and paint, creating depigmented site.

- It is best to avoid prolonged water treatment and abandon the sauna or swimming pool.

- Do not sunbathe, exposed to direct sunlight or visit a solarium.

- It should be excluded from use hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment, alcohol-based compositions. They can cause a change in colors until discoloration.

- Using the conventional cosmetic skin care products, to eliminate the use of compounds with strong chemical components.

- Limit the use of decorative cosmetics.
Author: Inna Sedykh