How to apply Self-tanning
 Not everyone who has had time to use the facilities for tanning, left a good impression. In some hands were yellow, others tan to get a spot, the third were divorces. However, if you still want to buy a beautiful skin tone without a visit to the solarium, then you just need to read the instructions on how to still properly apply self-tanning agents to various parts of the body.

What you need to know about the means of self-tanning

These tools are produced in different forms, gels, mousses, lotions, sprays, creams. The choice is up to you. For example, the cream is best to use for those who will carry out the procedure for the first time, but the spray is perfect for use on the back. Next, you must consider the fact that the means of self-tanning face and body should be different. The fact that the skin on the face is different from that of the body. Therefore, each part of the body - its means. Otherwise, you can clog pores and pimples there and go. Further, in products intended for facial always contain substances that protect your skin from UV rays.

Before use, always read the instructions, paying special attention to the time factor, ie, How much money will dry.

What you need

Before starting to spray-tanning products have to prepare everything. So, you will need:
  1. Self-tanning products.

  2. Gloves.

  3. Body scrub.

  4. Razor.

  5. Moisturizing Lotion.

How to apply self-tanning on its feet?

On foot tan is applied more often. And experts advise to start with this part of the body. There are several important points to remember.
  1. The first thing to do - to prepare the skin. Otherwise, get a tan and very uneven unnatural. Let's start with the fact that we use the body scrub. No matter you buy or prepare it at home. Apply it to the entire surface of the foot and good rub. Especially knees, ankles and the area behind them, ie pay attention to those places that are the driest.

  2. Shave legs.

  3. Then wipe dry feet and apply a moisturizing cream or lotion. Do not skimp. Dry and rough parts apply more cream than the rest of the surface. The fact that the funds dry skin will absorb more and get a tan uneven. So moisturize the skin properly. Wait somewhere 30-40 minutes.

  4. Now, wear gloves and take the Self-tanning body. Apply a thin layer on the surface of the foot. The method of application depends on the form tools. Therefore, read the label. Rub in a circular motion until until absorbed. This should be done from the bottom up. Pay particular attention to your ankles and the area behind them. The fact is that in these areas there is the folds of the skin. You can see them when putting your foot on the toe. Do not forget to apply the means and there. Otherwise, it will remain light stripes.

  5. Let soak tanning before you start to come into contact with the material. Otherwise, you can partially erase tool, and will look like a zebra or a Dalmatian.
    Similar to the way tanning is applied to the hands, abdomen, chest. Do not forget the space between your fingers.

How to apply tan on your back?

Ideally of course, if you ask someone. But, if there is nobody to ask, follow these steps:
  1. You will need: a means of self-tanning, body scrub, moisturizing lotion, sponge and a broad brush may be the one that is usually painted wall.

  2. Prepare your skin. To do this, take a shower, exfoliate the skin. Then apply a body lotion. Wait 30-40 minutes.

  3. Now, take the sponge and attach it to the brush. If you find a brush with sponge ready to be generally good. Now put on the sponge tool for tanning. Take a larger number than usual lotion.

  4. Next, using a brush to allocate funds across the back. And wait 15 minutes. Then, for an hour try to avoid activities that make you sweat. Also, it is better if this period does not spin in contact with the tissue.

  5. Before you go to the bathroom again, wait for the full 8 hours.

How to apply self-tanning face?

This is perhaps the most terrifying moment. Because, if the feet, hands and other body parts can be covered, there would have been scrubbed. But no harm in trying. So, you need a means of self-tanning facial, gloves, facial scrub, cleanser, mirror, good lighting, towel.
  1. Let's start with the fact that umoem face and treated skin scrub.

  2. Rinse and scrub use the usual means for washing.

  3. Thoroughly dry face. Apply a moisturizer. And let it soak.

  4. Now wear gloves. Squeeze a bit of money on hand and rub it on your fingers.

  5. Apply starts with the cheeks. And gradually spread all over the face.

  6. Now again squeeze means at hand and apply a second layer on the nose and cheeks, as is usually the hardest place sunbathe. And we also aim to look natural.

  7. Let soak. Up to this point, do not touch her face.

To maintain the tan, renovate it every 2-3 days. However, exfoliate the skin is not necessary.

There is another trick. If you do not need an intense tan, mixed media with a conventional tanning moisturizing lotion for the body. Incidentally, this is a great option to train as a tan wash easier.

Eli, you have the first time did not work, do not panic. Take lemon juice or soda and rub well.

I hope you will succeed. Good luck!
Author: Vera Karabutova