Magic powder in the female beautician
 Powder makes facial features softer, gives the skin a velvety, makeup and fix defects.
Powder - one of the most popular cosmetic women.

Powder is a flavored or, on the contrary, devoid of all perfumes, finely divided homogeneous mixture of mineral and organic substances. The main purpose of powder - to improve the complexion, to protect the skin from harmful environmental influences and soak up the allocation of skin. It is produced in powder, liquid (foundation) and compact form. In this article we will talk about forms of dry powders.

Functions powder

Powder should easily absorb the allocation of the skin to eliminate the shine of the skin, especially the nose, and leave a light layer at which the skin is matte, velvety.

Powder coating must have sufficient capacity to mask skin imperfections. For this purpose, it is administered composition of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and kaolin.

Powder should fit snugly to the skin, do not crumble when moving air and a relatively long time to stay on the face. A crucial role is played by zinc stearate, and magnesium, and partly kaolin. Good silky, velvety texture, richness and ease of powder is achieved by introducing into it stearate (5-15%).

Powder must slide over the skin. For this purpose, it is added 30-50% pure white talc.

Powder ingredients

For coloring powder used inorganic dyes (sienna, iron oxide pigments, yellow and red, etc.), Organic (eosin, lacquer red RC, cosmetic dyes), mineral and synthetic origin. To powder had a pleasant smell, it is added to the flavor.

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Loose powder.   It is easy to apply, is well absorbed and distributed Makes facial features soft and gentle. However, the main drawback of this cosmetic product is that it is impossible to carry in a purse.

 Magic powder in the female beautician
 DIORSKIN POUDRE LIBRE by DIOR.   Transparent, luminous, natural powder blends perfectly with the skin. Ultra-thin and infinitely gentle micro-spherical particles of powder transparent ground dull skin, emphasize the freshness, youth and velvety complexion. The extraordinary illumination is achieved through the microscopic particles of mica which act like tiny mirrors.

The original performance is its loose powder compaction into pellets. Powder in the balls   It applies a very thin layer and helps the face look fresh. But it is also impossible to carry in your bag.

Important!   Balls powder should be the same, smooth and without large pieces.

Compact powder.   Due to the high fat content such powder - ideal for dry skin. It is easy to carry in a purse and any time you can correct makeup. In addition, many manufacturers turn powder compact into a work of art and an elegant accessory. However, such powder, in contrast to a crumbly, not be directly applied thickly.

Powder accessories

Bronzer powder.   Ideal for summer and tanned skin. It is usually added a special mud, which makes the brown shade darker. This powder can be used as a multi-product, that is, for example, as a powder, blush, shadows. However, we must take into account a nuance that untanned skin such powder will look unnatural.

Shimmering powder.   This product contains particles with a metallic luster of various shades that create artificial light on the face and body of a beautiful shimmer. However, this powder is only for evening make-up, as the light of day twinkling looks ridiculous.

 Magic powder in the female beautician
 FOUNDATION WITH CRYSTAL PEARLS SPF 20 by GUERLAIN . Compact powder c crystal pearls instead of talc, which is usually included in the powder powders provide a unique radiance of your skin. This transparent pearls allowing light to penetrate the skin surface, bouncing, reveals its structure without defects. As a result, the complexion smooth, natural and shimmering.

Important!   The quality shimmering powder particles should be evenly distributed.


Transparent powder.   Practically colorless powder will help hide the shine of the skin and make it opaque. It does not deliver any problems, and will suit any complexion. Unfortunately, however, such a cosmetic product is suitable only for an ideal skin.

Antiseptic powder.   To hide the inflamed skin and acne is best to use a special antiseptic powder. As part of this there is no fat powder and perfume, but there is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Antiseptic powder should be applied not sponge and cotton pad, which is then thrown.

 Magic powder in the female beautician
 CLARIFYING POWDER MAKE UP from CLINIQUE.   Compact powder for oily skin - comfortable compact foundation that evens out the complexion, minimize enlarged pores, conceals redness and control excess oil and shine for 8 hours. Light does not contain fat powdered formula, the first of its kind in the cosmetic market formula contains salicylic acid.

Green powder.   If the face has a point of inflammation, dilated blood vessels, and other disadvantages, for their removal should take this colored powder. Problem areas need to powder very carefully, then apply a conventional powder.
Author: Inna Sedykh