Pour me a handful of creams and shampoo, cut a slice, or What is dry cosmetics?
 Tell me, what kind of tea is better: freshly brewed or the one who started the day before? And how long to save the apple? Have you ever seasoned dish of dried dill? That's me to the fact that the principles of operation of dry cosmetics we encounter almost daily. Every housewife knows that there are products that are absolutely not lose their properties, if they dry up and lose almost all property if mothball. Exit - to dry. With this method of storing everything of value that there is in the product, it is still at it, only to lose moisture, which can be recovered easily at any time.

A bit dry science

Any modern cosmetic product is composed of water (the proportion of water sometimes up to 90%!). Eliminating water from the formula, we obtain the same agent only in powder form or tiles (pressed powder). All own secrets!

Why is this done? The main argument - this is an exception from the cosmetic preservatives.   How is it possible? Remember my example with dried dill. In order to keep it in a dry form, it is sufficient merely to subject it to a small heat-treated, and to have it in a wet state, we need at least vinegar or brine, to roll up in a jar. This leads to a loss of the natural taste properties, as well as to what appear together with dill us quite unnecessary additional products.

And in cosmetics. In order to convey to us some nutrient supply him with stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavoring and preservative. Now imagine that these nutrients are not one, but several, each with its own preservative? Of course, modern industry has achieved some successes in the conservation and preservation of substances. It is undeniable, and I am sure that the traditional formula of the cream or gel should be on every girl's dresser. But dry cosmetics has a great chance to diversify our arsenal, to supplement it and to find special applications.

What is a handful of the cream and how to use it?

Basically, dry cosmetics - this is not a new invention. It is likely, well forgotten old. And something that we use every day, and not even suspect that it is dry cosmetics. So, for example, many hair dyes act precisely on the principle of dry means. There are powder means there is water, although there is an active medium. But the principle is clear: only an instant-mix "works". Otherwise, these components can not be put to our hair. Or think of a forgotten product like tooth powder? A talc and bath salts, perfume and dry? All this - dry cosmetics. Yes, and in decorative cosmetics, dry means more and more are combined with liquid: blush, eye shadow, powder.

Dry Cream   - It is a powder agent. But that does not mean you have to like them sprinkle talcum powder. This powder should be diluted in a little water, and then it will be, strictly speaking, a cream. By the way, you can not only breed in water (what else - look at a small selection at the end of the article).

Therefore, skeptics argue that cosmetics dry dry - not right. It is clear that the moisture - one of unconditional constituent of modern cosmetic products. And moisture using dry means necessarily present. Just offer a wider range of nutrients, which can supply a solution of dry skin cream. After all, as has been said, the absence of preservatives significantly expands the palette of useful elements.

When a thick consistency, dry cream can be used as masks . Although there are special masks for dry mixes. Very effective dry scrubs Which is also diluted with water or oil. Their composition can include more nutrients than simple exfoliating particles. After all, as part of cleansers should contain vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, etc. to cells of the skin they are not lost during the purification process. And the more of these vitamins and minerals more - the better, but only dry technology allows you to maximize the number of phase-in substances. There are special production technology wipes coated   dry nutrients that can be used for washing and massage, just a bit of soaking.

But modern Dry shampoos   stay dry during all the time of their use .  They are not diluted with water .  On the contrary, their dryness is their biggest advantage .  Many people know and maybe tried a dry wash hair with starch .  The principle of operation of dry shampoo - the same .  Only now a modern dry shampoo is made in the form of a powder spray .  It is sprayed directly on the hair and then the remains of a thick comb vychёsyvayut .  Very comfortably! Such washing is not always to be used, but in conjunction with conventional washing gives good results .  Since during the dry washing the scalp is not irritated active and alkaline components, the impact is only on the hair .  Ideal for those who washes his head every day (they can now sometimes replaced conventional dry shampoo) and very comfortable in an environment where water quality is not very happy with you .  And when the water is simply not? This, too, is happening, and not just because of the cuts (camping, trip, traveling) .

Dry shampoos come in the form of tiles, just dry nutrients are more compressed and sealed, and that's kind of tiles - solid shampoo. But the principle is the same - only the dry wash hair, not skin.

Add a little salt

Dry cosmetics allows to diversify the composition of our domestic resources, but we need to be objective, and suggest some downsides dry means. The advantages, as you know, enough.

1.   The main disadvantage of dry means - is that they are not quite ready for instantaneous use. Yes, there is some complexity. It is not immediately opened a jar - and within seconds you can have the expected results. Some preliminary steps have to produce. We need a clean container, brush, or wooden stick, spatula, needed some time, after all! But this disadvantage and provides the pros mentioned. That is the opportunity to enjoy a unique and most natural formula.

2.   Dry cosmetics can be stored for long periods in a dry form, but prepared for use should be used immediately. She does not even allow time storage! After all, there is often only organic ingredients without any preservatives!

3.   Dry cosmetics - not a panacea. And completely abandon the traditional formulas of cosmetic products is not necessary. Dry funds only complement and diversify your cosmetic collection.

Why is it worth a try?

Quite possibly, this is what you are looking for. And perhaps this is something without which you can no longer do. Or maybe useful to you only one small bottle of bath complex, but to know it, you just need to become better acquainted with these findings. After all, as I said, they have plenty of advantages:

-   practical absence of preservatives;

-   possibility of excluding emulsifiers, thickening agents, chemical additives;

-   acceptable shelf life, solids practically spoiled;

-   unique opportunity to fill substances are in liquid form generally not saved;

-   the ability to mix that was not previously possible;

-   the ability to choose their own means of consistency:
more or less thick. The dry mixture may be diluted with any amount of water, and adjusting the concentration of nutrients;

-   there are situations where dry cosmetics is simply irreplaceable. For example, traveling, trips, hiking, or where it is impossible to keep optimal storage conditions (hot, humid);

-   dry cosmetics - it is also a space for creativity! You yourself may be the composition of scrubs, masks, creams, with several variations of the mixtures. The ability to dilute the resources in different environments also add the different qualities of your new media.

What can be diluted with dry creams and masks:

- Water, and here there is a big choice: ordinary tap water, spring, distilled, boiled, mineral, oserebrёnnaya sanctified. The solution - for you;

- Regular cream, which you can use to enrich and supplement the dry cream;

- Refined vegetable oils;

- Essential oils (there are limitations: Individual allergic reaction, your overall health. Remember that in concentrated form these oils may not be useful, and during pregnancy and lactation only some harmless name!);

- Yogurt, fermented milk products (natural, neutral, without fruit, and other additives and flavorings).

Author: Julia Gnedina