Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products
 Beauticians gradually borrow for the production of modern materials jewelers. It's not about their cases with crystals, and about the contents of cosmetics. On the arms taken precious metals and stones. Sometimes the prices for such products are comparable to the prices of yuvelirku. But we have the main thing - the result, so we are happy to try cosmetics, in which there are precious metals as well as precious, semi-precious and precious stones. What gives these ingredients and what tools are currently available on the market?


We all remember what the revolution was the use of gold thread in cosmetology. This at the time a unique treatment (injection into the skin like a corset of the finest gold threads) has turned our understanding of the materials that can be used in cosmetology. Then the procedure was done in one or two stores, and cost as the used cars. Now science has gone further, and gold in this procedure is already replaced by biomaterials. But gold itself is still used in cosmetics, now in the form of tiny particles and extracts. Moreover, beauticians continue to surprise us, studying the beneficial properties of this noble metal. And now there is a very large number of finished cosmetic products that use the beneficial effects of the gold particles.

What is so attractive for cosmetologists in gold, which he proved the indispensable qualities:
  • The bactericidal action of gold. This metal is not oxidized, 100% pure gold remains without oxides and other environmental influences for centuries!

  • Gold contributes to the rapid penetration into the skin of oxygen molecules, it is necessary to renew and rejuvenate the skin.

  • Increases blood circulation, leading to a more efficient removal of toxins, the skin is constantly updated at the cellular level.

In the composition of cosmetic products can meet the following terms: nanogold, fitozoloto, biogold. Nanogold - it is negligibly small particles of metal, they are able to allocate more recently with the latest achievements of science. In general, the presence of nanotechnology greatly expanded the possibilities of modern cosmetics. Fitozoloto created by the introduction of the molecules of gold in plant extracts. A biogold - a biologically active gold with a particle size of less than a micron. It's like a gold dissolved in water, as a result, we have pure gold in pure water. Cosmetics based biogold can start to apply thirty years.

 Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products

What's on the shelves:
• Set GOLD ANTI-AGE GLOBAL TRETMENT: multiliftingovy Cream "Gold Leather," rejuvenating serum "Golden Skin", a gel for relieving symptoms of fatigue around the eyes "Gold Leather», KEENWELL (1). • Body Lotion La Crème Parfaite Corps line by Carita Progressif with natural particles of gold (2). • Serum Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold, La Prairie, Switzerland (3). • Intensive soothing lotion with micronized particles of platinum gold line Re-Nutriv Estee Lauder. • Cream with lifting effect, and pearl powder biogold Chinese Herbs Pulanna. • Aromatic remedy for skin care, enriched with vitamin E and gold Sea Energy, La Prairie, Switzerland.


About the antibacterial properties of silver knew almost everything, almost every house is a water jug ​​and a silver coin on the bottom. In such water prepare their means many companies, but not only silver water has become an ingredient creams and gels. The metal itself is often present in the cosmetic composition. As in the case of gold, silver exists in cosmetics as bioserebra, nanosilver and fitoserebra. Cerebro - the strongest of the existing natural antibiotics. So far, none of the microorganism has not developed resistance to it. When antibiotics kill several dozen disease-causing organisms, the silver 650!

Cosmetics and silver is able to solve the following problems:
  • Silver regulates sebum, maintaining the hydro-lipid balance of the skin. Therefore, cosmetics based on silver is indispensable for the care of the young, combined, oily skin.

  • Silver stops the development of bacterial cells, inhibiting their reproduction and thus protecting it from decay and inflammation. This is especially significant for problem skin suffering from inflammation, pimples and acne.

  • It has astringent and antiedematous action.

  • Silver can effectively protect the skin from sunburn and to prevent irritation.

 Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products

What's on the shelves:
• «litokompleks silver" from "The Secret of Beauty" - a kind of "cold bath" for the skin and body. As a part of - a volcanic mineral zeolite enriched with silver (1). • Silver Pearl Serum Crystalline Concentre, line of Skin Caviar, La Prairie, with precious components, including silver and diamonds (2). • Gel with silver "silver" MIRRA LUX, for the prevention and treatment of acne. • Tissue Mask "Activated silver" (China).


In addition to gold and silver in the elite cosmetics used platinum - the metal is even more costly and rare. Platinum has all the beneficial properties of gold, but their efficiency several times higher. The ability of platinum to stop the aging process of the skin, even higher than that of coenzyme Q10! Moreover, platinum is not oxidized: it is highly resistant to external environmental influences. In cosmetics use mainly platinum nanoparticles, which are powerful antioxidants. Cosmetics with platinum, not only tones and moisturizes the skin, but also has regenerative properties that make the skin look younger.

 Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products

What's on the shelves:
• NANIWA - a series of cosmetic products with nanoparticles of platinum CP White Kitao cosmetics. The series consists of a cream-gel "Platinum 50" and whey "Platinum".


One of the heroines Audrey Hepburn said: "Wearing diamonds up to 40 years - in bad taste." And still the diamonds - the best friends of women, which is a bit of ... more because, as ingredient of anti-age means they bring them to perfection. And they come into the funds in the form of diamond dust, which affect the useful properties. Diamond dust getting into the skin, tightens and smoothes it. And also gives the skin a precious natural youthful glow and whiten it. Diamond dust is included in formulations of decorative cosmetics, is also found in hair products (shampoos and conditioners).

 Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products

What's on the shelves:
• Gidroreguliruyuschy cream "Diamond Skin" from KEENWELL with diamond dust (1). • Cellular Cream youth "Diamond" diamond mikropudroy and white truffle, ORIFLAME (2). • Shampoo "Dazzling diamond" from the microparticles Nivea Diamond (3). • Cream DIAMANT DE BEAUTE, CARITA, Paris (4).


Emerald has powerful healing properties. It is known for its ability to rescue the skin from dryness and flaking, as well as its anti-aging properties. In India, the stone is widely used in local cosmetics. And we have now appeared on the market these unique emerald means.

Stone they contain as basma (oxidized precious stones) or infusions. Basma considered the most effective use of precious stones, the stones in the treatment, since they penetrate deep into cells and thus their healing properties become much more effective. Infusions of the stones are manufactured by dipping into a solution or stone in water for seven days, during which time the properties of the stone are moving in the water under strong solar radiation. The very same stone in the process does not lose any of its forces or properties.

What's on the shelves:
• The line of cosmetics, "Shahnaz Gerbalz" (India), contains basmu emerald - four unique emerald Product: Emerald moisturizing lotion, sunscreen Emerald, Emerald Night nourishing cream, Emerald rejuvenating mask.


Amber - a source of useful amino acids. It soothes and heals the skin. Amber powder contains vitamins and trace elements necessary for metabolic processes in cells. A succinic acid provides anti-inflammatory and healing effect. It is absolutely harmless, even small doses it can strengthen the effect of the drug. Another useful product amber - amber oil regenerates and rejuvenates the skin cells. Sulfur contained in amber, provides a synthesis of collagen. Cosmetics based on Amber purifies the skin, oxygenates, slows the aging process, strengthens the capillaries. Rejuvenating amber energy acts on the deepest layers of the skin, restores the cellular matrix and stimulates the production of elastin fibers. Amber is generally beneficial effect on the entire body, especially the nervous system.

 Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products

What's on the shelves:
• Smoothing Lotion with Amber, Success Future, Guerlain (1). • rejuvenator for the body of the line Success Future, Guerlain, with extracts of amber (2). • A series of cosmetic products based on PULANNA Amber and sea extracts. • Shampoo and Balm conditioner Timotei «Chamomile extract and amber."


This stone is a bit underestimated by Europeans. We refer to the ornamental, inexpensive, and it is not so popular here, even though the properties of true jewels! In Japan, for example, the powder of pearls sold in any drugstore. He bought as calcium complex. At a time when cosmetics was only natural and homemade, from rastёrtyh river pearls made whitewash for the person. In India, almost every house is a container of water and a few small pearls on the bottom. It is believed that such water strengthens the body and regulates the acid-alkaline balance. Oriental medicine is widely used pearl extract medicines for liver, stomach, as well as soothing and anti-aging formulations.

Modern cosmetology pearl extract is used in creams and masks. These tools allow you to achieve fantastic success in the fight against aging! After all, part of a unique pearl powder 22 kinds of amino acids, 18 trace elements, vitamins B and D. The extract pearls absolutely hypoallergenic and ph-neutral. Its amino acids protect against photo-aging, smooth wrinkles, accelerate cell renewal and moisturize the skin. Pearl extract can also be found in the composition of nail polish, deodorants, hair conditioners, shampoos.

Mother of Pearl, located in pearls, is now in great demand beauticians, as the skin gives the natural and shimmering sheen. The composition of some sprays or powders for the body as well as hair sprays, included pearl dust.

 Precious Skin Care: gold, platinum, and a scattering of precious stones in the composition of cosmetic products

What's on the shelves:
• Spray glitter from Brocato with pearl dust body and hair (1) .  • Lifting Effect gel concentrate on Janssen (Germany) with a Pearl water (2) .  • Cream-shower gel "Pearl Beauty" with pearl extract, Nivea (3) .  • Shampoo line Seah Hairspa Schwarzkopf Professional with an extract of white pearls .  • Serum Eye Cream Re-Nutriv Ultimate by Estee Lauder .  It consists of 54 ingredients from around the world, including South Sea pearl powder .  • Antiperspirant Deodorant Pearl & Beauty Deodorant from Nivea with pearl extract .  • Slimming body cream Suractif NonStop Lifting of Lancaster, with pearl extract and caffeine .  • Mask for hair "pearlescent" from Gliss Kur, with pearl extract .  • Tightening cream for hands Hands! Up, Allesandro International, pearl complex .  • Pearl Body Lotion Emulsion Minerale, Payot .  • Day cream Perle de Jeunesse Nutritive, line Progressif Antiage, Carita with extract pearl powder .  • PEARL series of Lambre: Pearl Milk - Milk Makeup Remover with pearl extract; Pearl Tonic - moisturizing, nourishing tonic with pearl extract; Pearl Cream - Anti-Wrinkle Cream with pearl extract; Pearl Contour Cream - Pearl razglazhivayusche-hydrating eye cream (for mature skin) .

How much is "precious" cosmetics?

Like any high-quality tool, and especially anti-age products, cosmetics containing extracts of precious metals and stones, is not cheap. But afraid of transcendental numbers is not worth it. The fact is that if measured in carats, and is generally measured as precious metals and alloys, the amount of these ingredients in the cosmetic product is small. After use of micro particles and the molecules of these substances, and not naturally and not milligrams carats. Besides, we all know that there are, for example, rare plant extracts, at a price higher than gold or diamonds. So worry about the price is not worth it, but you need to try this makeup. Suddenly, this is what you've been looking for? Also very nice to feel that your skin - a jewel, and care for her - someone's piece of work!
Author: Julia Gnedina