Safe tanning or how not turn into a chicken grill
 Spectacular skinned beauty cut through the city on high heels, catching envious glances of "white" friends. Yes, summer is still possible to understand - the sun, the beach, and you have already poured into the community of women elected. But summer comes autumn, and then winter, and from thy Sun no trace remains ... You beleesh, and they are among those still remain as "chocolate". Solarium? Yes, it is. Write back? But is it safe? Let's weigh the "pros" and "cons" and decide what to do if you want to change its "aristocratic pallor" on black chic.

So, put the arguments on the scales "against":

1. You did not ask at the reception in the beauty salon, as you need to sunbathe, and he, being not quite honest, you already wrote ten minutes. In the first time! As a result, you and somehow survived this time, and then another, until the pile and barely crawled. Before you mirror the spectacle presented itself quite different than you expected. Your efforts were wasted and instead of smooth dark tan, you get numerous burns body and hands . Or, at best, a reddened skin, prominent veins on the skin surface.

2. The first unpleasant disease that can appear after tanning - chloasma , The language of science is limited hyperpigmentation. Translated into our language is appearing on TV spots. They can arise if there is a problem in the female portion, the use of oral contraceptives, and even worms using dezodaranta ...! So be more careful and be sure to check with your doctor whether you should even sunbathing. When unhealthy liver, for example, skin formation anginomy - red dots or stars.

3. The second such gift can be photodermatitis . Interesting word, huh? But nothing good in him. It means sensitivity - or rather, allergic to the sun . From the solarium, in this case should be abandoned altogether. And consult a doctor. After photodermatitis appears not just from visiting a sun deck - it's only water supply for the "flower", that is the true source of the disease. Covered it can anywhere. Starting from the endocrine system, ending the kidneys and liver.

4. Moles. Have you ever thought about what they can do serious damage to your health? No, you do not think? After a visit to the solarium, strongly advise you to think about it.   Because under the influence of solar radiation, they can either magically turn into cancer melanoma (the most severe type of cancer). The risk of ten times greater than that of a man who does not suffer from delusions of the solarium. So if your moles have to change the color or increase in size, stop wondering, because of what happened, and immediately address to the oncologist!

5. Aging Skin . Just do not say that it awaits us all. Of course you're right. Just how many times will age faster "chocolate" girl? Three times in two? Or ten? It all depends on the frequency of visits to the solarium. So, think about the youth. Even if you are still only 20! You do not want to look 30 at all 50?   So, ladies, do not abuse the solarium! Or, at the very least, use a sunscreen that this process can slow down!

6. Hair became brittle, dry and too sensitive?   Congratulations, you did not think about them until solarium. As a result, the sun's rays, "crippled" the health of your hair. Immediately begin to restore them with special creams, and next time buy cap solarium. It costs just 20 rubles, expensive health of your hair.

Stones on the cup, "not to go to the solarium for any price" laid out, let's see what's up with the arguments "for":

1. Well, firstly, This naturally beautiful . Especially if you enjoy the white stuff. They, by the way, like yellow and blue colors, emphasize dark skin. Again, you stand out from the crowd of bright people, and therefore more attention, etc. etc…

2. Since childhood, suffer from acne? I sympathize. If you do not go to the doctor, you probably do not know that tanning helps to eliminate your problem. After all UV light has a bactericidal effect and cleanses the skin . That is, solarium useful in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and so on.

3. Before the summer sun, be sure to prepare. At least three sessions in the solarium, four - five minutes. To the natural sun does not become a real blow to your skin.

This transfer points "for" ends. The choice is yours. But if you still decided to go to a tanning salon, you should remember the following:

• First, determine what type of skin you have to select the correct number of trips to visit the solarium. The first session should not exceed five minutes. And people with very fair skin and hair, tanning is not recommended. Otherwise only with special cream to tan after not more than 2 times per week. Visitors to the solarium with a light skin and hair, you can visit a solarium up to three times in the seven-day. Light-skinned brunettes - sunbathing is possible through the day. For dark-skinned rigid framework in the solarium not, and "the night there" is not worth it. Get a darker shade can be only three or four sessions.

• Bring wet wipes. To before to go to the solarium, make-up remover and wipe traces of deodorant.

• Use a special cap for the hair and slippers. At worst steles on the floor towel. Who knows who was there before you?

• Ask your counselor how you can turn off the sun deck in an emergency, if you feel that you had enough sunbathing. Some also have a more valves, which as you wish may send or alternatively you air.

• If you take a bath in front solarium - do not use soap. It destroys Greases skin, which may lead to erosion.

• Do not go after tanning by the pool, otherwise all your efforts, and spent the money to get Sun will be kicked into the wind. Vybelyaet bleach the skin and does not give her a tan. For example, a friend of mine for several months trying to get a tan, combining sun deck with a swimming pool. The result - wasted money and anger at herself - she did not know that such a combination is contraindicated!

• After tanning drink of juice with vitamin C. Orange, for example, or a carrot.

• And still find the last time I changed the bulb in the tanning bed. If you recently, staying in it decrease, because the probability of getting a sunburn.

• Be sure to consult with your doctor before going to the solarium. You may need the sun's rays simply are contraindicated.

But sometimes it wants to be dark-skinned beauty, catching himself already on the languishing look! Do not deny yourself this pleasure. Only to then had not been "excruciatingly painful" again review all the rules for using the solarium, and boldly go get the bronze skin tone!
Author: Larisa Trishkina