Summer and cosmetics: You can, but be careful!
 Summer - a fertile time of holidays, the sea warm, colors, warm nights and hot days. Some women believe that in the summer do not need cosmetics and make-up in the summer heat is not pertinent, well, except for an evening out will not prevent easy meykap. In a sense, this is - generous nature gives our skin a healthy tanned look and fresh air during the summer holidays makes the skin glow and shine without any cosmetic tweaks. So, but not quite!

And this is the best time of the year the skin lurks many dangers and troubles that can be avoided with the help of expertly selected cosmetics. Summer makeup has some features and their uses, and to refuse it is not necessary.

The main purpose of cosmetics in the summer - to protect and moisturize

Humidification   - An important stage of the program of skin care not only in summer, but it was for a hot time of the year it becomes especially important. Most importantly, these hot days, we just need to help retain moisture the skin maintain its elasticity. Therefore, the main effort - on skin hydration in the morning, afternoon and evening. Moisturizers are many: water and oil solutions, emulsions, creams. The best effect is given liquid moisturizing creams - emulsions.

The process of moistening water balance of the skin, restores the protective function of the epidermis, the skin covered with a protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture, and, in addition, hides minor skin blemishes. The skin, even in the heat of summer is still young and healthy.

 Summer and cosmetics: You can, but be careful!
 At night, use a special moisturizing night cream. That he will be able to restore the skin after daily stress. As an example, one can suggest the ultra-moisturizing night cream 24h Garnier Ultra-Freshness Containing natural active ingredients such as grapes and jasmine extract, rich in mineral salts. But in the morning and throughout the day, the most convenient are moisturizers with SPF-filter, it is desirable to measure SPF ranged from 15 to 30.

Attention!   Use these resources should be combined only in the afternoon. If you leave this cream at night, more likely to wake up in the morning with bags under his eyes, as the clogged pores of the skin and interfere with breathing violate its water and oxygen balance.

Protecting the skin from ultraviolet   - The most important function of a summer cosmetics. Varieties sunscreens are various sprays, gels, emulsions, mousses, creams and lotions. They differ in the degree of saturation, density, fat content. Choose what suits you best. For example, note the spray NIVEA SUN . It provides protection from the sun's rays A and B, that is from a burn, and aging of the skin and thus the skin moistened. In this texture - a very thin, delicate white emulsion with a pleasant sweet smell. It is absorbed quickly, a couple of minutes - and the skin is covered with a slightly oily film which quickly becomes unnoticeable. Sunscreen Spray is an optimal balance of UVA and UVB filters, protecting the shield from sunburn, preventing rapid aging of the skin and preserving its natural moisture. You can pick up a vehicle with optimum degree of protection (10, 15, 20). The tool makes the skin smooth, well-groomed and very easy to apply!

 Summer and cosmetics: You can, but be careful!
 Look also to the gel GARNIER AMBRE SOLAIRE It protects from the sun's rays A and B. Contains nutriflavony cactus and vitamin E. The gel perfectly glides on the skin, does not spread, it is absorbed immediately, so we can distribute it evenly over a large area. Ideal for the beach - not washed off after water treatment. Thoroughly wash it only with detergent. The skin under the protection of the gel evenly tans. It is advisable to apply for the protection of light, but already slightly tanned skin, that is, from the third and then a day of rest.

Protection means a lot, and scientists do not leave all the searches on the effects of improved products. For example, at the University of California (USA), researchers noticed that the hippos carried out under the bright sun of up to 10 hours a day, but their skin does not get burned. It turns out, their skin from UV protected special ingredient - an analog of human sweat. Furthermore, it disinfects and it deters insects. It is based on this substance and is scheduled in the near future to develop a new generation of sunscreens. So what are waiting for new products!

And a couple of words about the make-up

• Of course, summer tan is beautiful in itself, but a well chosen cosmetics will help your skin look brighter, and you become more beautiful. Summer makeup should be as easy, because a thick layer of make-up in bright sunlight looks unattractive. Therefore, all kinds of make-up and facial colors should be replaced with a moisturizing creams. Using them, you will look natural and fresh, that's a good makeup should be imperceptible.

• Many cosmetic companies offer us natural cosmetics created on the basis of natural minerals, which looks very natural outdoors, and your skin at the same time - breathes and blinks.

• Do not neglect the summer of powder, as many have light-shielding properties of the powder. It is recommended to use a transparent loose powder and apply it with a soft round brush. But the matte powder bronzer for the face and body, perfectly emphasize the beauty of the sun, it can be used instead of blush, but she has already applied to the whole space of the skin of face, neck and neck, and not only in the area of ​​the cheeks. Only important not to overdo it!

• Use any blush on a summer day - a moot point. According to many experts, from the use of rouge under the influence of the sun may appear unwanted pigmentation on the face. On the other hand coral blush shades look great under the bright sun in the daytime. Rather, it depends on the quality of cosmetics. If you use quality cosmetics of famous brands, the unpleasant side effects can not be afraid.

• Summer choice of lipstick - no easy task. There should bet to protect lips from sun, wind, as well as moisture. Matte lipstick for summer days is not appropriate, it is best to use transparent or lip gloss. Happy preferable to use a clear lip gloss neutral shade with a strong moisturizing effect. Gloss will add richness to your mouth and make it more expressive.

For example, balm and lip gloss Dior Crystal Shine (from the collection of Dior Cristal Collection) It will make your lips soft and smooth and protect it from the negative effects of the summer sun, or Dior Addict Lip Glow SPF 10   - Transparent, glossy lipstick with UV filter from the same collection.

Notice also the new collection of summer makeup, Givenchy . The collection Givenchy   - All shades of luxurious tan, coral and bronze shades for lips and deep gray and blue shades for the eyes. Lip Gloss in two different shades Sun Coral and Sun Rose Included in the new collection Givenchy In spite of the transparency of the texture is surprisingly deep and rich color.

• High-quality cosmetics easily and unobtrusively emphasize the advantages of your appearance, most importantly, keep the measure, and will be a wonderful summer!

• And the final touch: on hot days often treat skin thermal sprays. They are useful for all skin types, as they have a triple effect: create a protective film to retain moisture, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fix makeup.
Author: Olga Travleeva