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 A well-chosen products for hair - a pledge of beauty and health of hair

Beautiful hair - is not only the result of a successful combination of genes. To keep your hair always looked perfect, it needs regular and competent care with quality and effective cosmetics. And here many difficulties begin, because the beauty industry offers a variety of means that even the sophisticated man fit to get lost.

You are not always sure of the purpose of a particular product and often confusing mask with air conditioning and styling serum? The matter is quite fixable! Especially for you we have prepared an overview of caring of hair - read and learn!

Air Conditioning

Some still call it a means of "balm", but among professionals is still more common term "air conditioning". It is a product of the surface action, which is applied after cleansing. A good conditioner softens the hair and prevents tangling and facilitates combing. In addition, he closes the keratin scales of the hair, giving a healthy shine shock of hair and a neat appearance.

It is best to use a shampoo and conditioner in one line (for example, bulking or smoothing). They will complement each other and thereby provide a more pronounced effect. However, and to use funds from different lines is not prohibited. The main thing that had a high quality cosmetics, contain nutrients and right for you.

Before buying air conditioners study its composition! For fine hair indispensable products with panthenol. Dry fit means with natural oils, amino acids, algae. Save vivid color treated hair to help extract of sunflower. Well, heavily damaged, brittle hair can help vegetable proteins, lipids, minerals.


But this is a powerful way to not only make your hair elastic, but also solve the more serious problems. No wonder that among the experts is often called the mask goes deep penetration. These products are able to penetrate deep into the hair and restore it from the inside. Furthermore, they contain a high concentration of active ingredients - amino acids, minerals, vitamins, oils, and hence opportunities of improvement in your hair.

There are a variety of masks. Moisturizing, nourishing, leveling restoring. Use them usually once a week. However, if the hair is severely damaged and in need of intensive care procedures can be carried out more frequently (2 times a week). Many masks require additional use of air conditioners: penetrating deep into the hair structure, they inevitably open keratin scales. To close the last just and necessary means of action of the surface - so the hair is obtained by the complex care, and the inside and outside.

The ampules

If the shampoos and masks can be found in almost all stores, the vials - the prerogative of professional brands represented in beauty salons. The vials were often called upon to deal with hair loss and brittle hair, dandruff - ie the problems are "localized" in the scalp and therefore are beyond even the best of care. It is advisable to appoint a specialist ampoule, based on the individual characteristics and condition of the hair. In this case, the "treatment" is guaranteed to be effective, and the result - long.

These tools are applied courses. Standard course of 3-4 weeks, vials are used in about a day on clean hair. Uniform rules for their application does not exist: one product applied to the skin of the head, the other - are distributed uniformly over the entire length. Some vials perfectly replace air conditioning, some - require more looking after cosmetics. Use all the features of a particular product no one will tell you as a professional, so do not take any vials yourself, go to the salon for a consultation.


Serum for the face designed to complement and enhance the effect of the cream, but the serum for hair - rather, it is a symbiosis of the air conditioner and styling easy. They have many advantages: First, do not require rinsing, thus greatly save time; Second, make the hair manageable, silky and look after them during the day. Sera facilitate the creation of installation, but it does not glue the hair and do not leave the characteristic crust. Such means can impart volume or, conversely, to align. Levelling serum excellent job with the cross-section of the tips, gluing them and giving the hair smoothness and shine.

Sera can be applied both to wet and dry hair. Know the measure - the excess funds will make the hair dirty and greasy. The preferred products are concluded in bottles with dispenser, they are also the most economical. Furthermore, serum trade marks are available in small packages (about 25 ml). Such a bottle can always carry with them and use to quickly bring your hairstyle in order.
Author: Anastasia Rudnev, technologist professional hair cosmetics Paul Mitchell