Yves Rocher - a natural source of beauty
 Once upon a time the founder of a new cosmetics company did not have to wrestle with, going over in his mind hundreds euphonious names. The decision came quickly and naturally. The young Frenchman, gave the company its own name - Yves Rocher. A very important step, given the fact that this is not just a name on a jar of cream, and a willingness to take responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of their products.

Yves Rocher - the founder of the brand

December 26, 2009 news agencies all over the world had spread the news: in Paris at the age of 79 years died Yves Rocher. This is sad news echoed the pain not only in the hearts of his family and colleagues, but also in the hearts of millions of women around the world. French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his condolences to the families and friends of Yves Rocher.

Yves Rocher has lived a long, rich, bright life. Creation in 1959 of his own company for the production of cosmetics has become the most important event in the life of this man. In those days a young Frenchman Yves Rocher prepared in the attic of his house creams based on natural components. It is unlikely that he had assumed that only 50 years later a small family business turn into a huge cosmetics empire.


The history of formation and development of the cosmetics company Yves Rocher is closely linked to a small French town of La Gacilly, which is located in Brittany. Mr. Roche was the mayor of this town. He was worried not only about the growth of their own welfare, but the welfare of the city and its citizens. As mayor, Yves Rocher took care of that in the assigned city had a sufficient number of jobs for citizens.

 Yves Rocher - a natural source of beauty
   Mr. Roche has decided to create a small production of cosmetic products, thus providing urban dwellers decent work and wages. Produced cosmetics sold by mail. Business developed quite successfully. This was 50 years ago. Today, several thousand residents of the town of La Gacilly are engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics, the problem with the outflow of labor personnel has long been solved.

Nature - a source of beauty

The motto of the company Yves Rocher: «Nature - the source of beauty." This slogan chosen by chance, it fully reflects the company's philosophy. Yves Rocher Cosmetics uses only ingredients of plant origin - is the fundamental difference between cosmetics Yves Rocher from other brands that use raw materials of animal origin and synthetic ingredients.

Experts of the company extracted active ingredients from the heart of the plant. It is estimated that the production of cosmetics Yves Rocher used about 150 active components of plants.

Formulas are developed so that the herbal ingredients to give maximum beneficial effect on human skin.

For the development of new cosmetic products are special lab, which employs scientists - experts in the field of plants.

By the choice of raw materials in the company's unique approach. Useful properties of plants are carefully studying, plants are carefully selected with regard to their properties.

 Yves Rocher - a natural source of beauty

For the production of cosmetics are used only part of the upgrading plant. Rare species of plants used fundamentally as manifested concern about the company's environment.

Yves Rocher products not tested on animals. This informs buyers markings on the packaging of cosmetic products. The company's specialists are developing alternative methods, in order to test the effectiveness of cosmetics.

Disadvantages Cosmetics Yves Rocher

Perhaps this will surprise readers of this article. Is it possible that Yves Rocher cosmetics have flaws? Yes, despite the many advantages, some drawbacks still exist. Women often criticized cosmetics Yves Rocher. Complaints standard - crumbling or rolled into lumps of ink, unstable shadow, lipstick fat spreadable. Foundations and powder are far from perfect, these funds can not be called "ridge» Yves Rocher. The claims arise and the color palette, in particular, to the shades of lipstick and eye shadow. However, company representatives insist that closely monitor trends in the fashion world and try to make the colors of makeup fashionable and relevant.

Yves Rocher cosmetics made from plant material, in this lies the danger for those consumers who are allergic. Allergic reactions to herbal ingredients are individual and sometimes unpredictable. Cosmetics can cause rashes, burning, peeling, redness of the face and body. To avoid unfortunate consequences for your health, you should use the probes products. The buyers are always available probes, cosmetics can be tested.

Corporate Identity

 Yves Rocher - a natural source of beauty
   Interior design shops Cosmetics Yves Rocher always recognizable. Until recently, the finishing of interior decoration company stores prevailed green. Pleasant green color as it emphasized the natural origin of cosmetics. In September 2009, the company reported that it intends to change the interior design of its stores around the world.

From now on, the interior of the boutiques trim natural materials in an eco-style. Some shelves are made out as market stalls. Shop windows open, women customers can carefully consider the cosmetic products, to examine their composition and test. Interiors stores Yves Rocher acquire original flamboyant style.

 Yves Rocher - a natural source of beauty
   The changes affected not only the design of stores. Company stores Yves Rocher renamed "Studio herbal cosmetics." Has changed, and a company logo on it thoroughly worked and designers, and marketers.

Conversions continue, on the basis of operating beauty salons Yves Rocher appear "Beauty Institute".

 Yves Rocher - a natural source of beauty
 Yves Rocher regularly holds various events, offering discounts and encourages regular customers, gives gifts.

Pros and cons of cosmetic delivery by mail

At the very beginning of its existence cosmetics brand Yves Rocher distributed by mail. In 1965 it was released the first "Green Paper Beauty Yves Rocher» - product catalog. Currently, the directory has at least five hundred names, as well as tips for women to preserve the beauty and health. Every year in the catalog appears about a hundred new products. Choose cosmetics in the catalog is easy, all products are carefully described, descriptions with photographs. Yves Rocher Catalogues are available in Braille version, specially for blind women.

Now, despite the large number of branded stores Yves Rocher, cosmetics can still be ordered by mail, and even over the phone. For example, in Russia delivery mail is valid since 2002. This is useful as a women living in small towns, and too busy living in metropolises. However, Yves Rocher cosmetics delivery by mail in recent years is increasingly causing complaints and complaints of dissatisfied clients. Not always a woman gets what he ordered. Some order items can simply absent from the long-awaited package. I hope that it is the fault of careless individual employees, rather than the overall trend.

All that is necessary charmer

The range of Yves Rocher has approximately 700 different cosmetic products.

- Cosmetics for face, body and hair.

- Anti-aging skin care.

- Decorative cosmetics.

- Perfumes.

- Means to combat cellulite.

- The line of male cosmetics.

- Tools to protect your skin from the sun.

"Lace, studs, lipstick - all you need to charmer" - this verse line brings to mind when it comes to cosmetics, Yves Rocher. The range of companies do have the necessary means to care for face and body, as well as decorative cosmetics make-up to create a stunt.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova