Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 Cleaning person - a necessary procedure to maintain the beauty and skin tone.

In our time, pollution has constantly face adverse effects. It is therefore necessary to clean the skin, even if we do not use decorative cosmetics, as to be beautiful, the skin should be clean. The role of the means for removal of cosmetics is to remove makeup residues, dirt, dead cells, which are abundant on the surface of the skin and prevent it from breathing. Creams are most effective only if applied them perfectly clean skin. Therefore, this basic ritual is absolutely necessary. However, it should abandon the soap, which is harmful to the skin and destroy its natural protective film. Instead of providing skin care, soap violates its balance and makes it more vulnerable.


Remove the special make-up and accumulated dirt.

Funds for the face

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 CLARIFIANCE - Cleansing foaming gel. On contact with water, the clear gel turns into a silky foam to remove makeup and cleanse your skin deeply. It does not contain soap, it consists of softening extracts of algae and mallow flowers, which help to maintain the balance of the skin. The formula is made for all skin types. The gel is applied to wet skin in the morning and in the evening, then thoroughly rinsed with warm water.

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 PURE DOUCEUR   - Cream for cleansing the face and remove makeup. On contact with water this cream for removing makeup transforms into a light emulsion that removes makeup and impurities of the skin. It consists of very gentle cleansing ingredients that meet the requirements of dry and sensitive skin. In addition, the tool gives you a feeling of comfort, because it contains natural oils (rice, sesame oil, corn oil and wheat grains) and clean kseramid, a copy of the lipids that are lacking dry skin.

Funds for the eyes

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 EFFACIL   - Lotion for removing makeup from the eyes. This fresh lotion perfectly removes any makeup eye but water resistant. He is very gentle and can be used by women who wear contact

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 BI-FACIL   -Fast removing makeup for sensitive eyes. This two-phase lotion instantly removes any even vodonesmyvaemy makeup without leaving an oily film on the eyes. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and women who wear contact lenses. Before each use, shake gently. Apply on a cotton swab. Do not rinse.


Gently wipe or dab the face of a soft towel.


Gently wipe the face tonic solution with a cotton swab. Avoid the eye area.

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 TONIQUE DOUCEUR   - Moisturizing lotion with plant extracts. This tonic without alcohol contains natural extracts of rose and elderberry. It perfectly complements the process of removing makeup. The structure of tonic includes glycerol, which provides the first stage of hydration of the skin. Formula designed for any type of skin.

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 TONIQUE ECLAT - Restoring lotion with fruit and flower acids. This tonic contains gentle acid hibiscus flowers and fruit every day to make the color of your face more beautiful. It tightens pores, does not contain alcohol, it allows perfectly clean the face of makeup and makes the surface of the skin smoother. Formula designed for any type of skin.


The skin of any type can suffer from dehydration. Dehydrated skin is dull, it is sensitive, flaky skin covered with small wrinkles. On the contrary, well-moisturized skin - soft, gentle and healthy. C using a suitable moisturizer enrich your skin with moisture.

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 HYDRACONTROLE   - Moisturizing fresh non-greasy gel. Shiny leather speaks of excess sebum. To ensure the perfect care HYDRACONTROLE it operates as follows:

- removes shine for the whole day, thanks microsponges that absorb excess sebum. In addition, its regular use significantly reduces the sebum;

- Ideally moisturizes;

- ensure purity, because it contains a bactericidal component. This fresh and absolutely not greasy gel does not cause blackheads (comedones).

The product is suitable for oily and combination skin shiny.

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 HYDRATIVE   - Semi-liquid moisturizer. This cream is necessary to moisturize your skin. It fully establishes the rhythm of moisture:

- immediately after applying the cream moisturizing ingredients fill the skin with moisture;

- due fatty ester acids into cells in epidermal depth enters the water present in the body. The skin is restored.
HYDRATIVE for dehydrated skin of any type.

 Cleaning the skin by Lancome
 TRANS-HYDRIX - Cream for very dehydrated and sensitive skin. This protective cream is left on the skin moisturizing film which enables to retain water in the upper layers of the epidermis. The film does not obstruct the passage of air, but allows you to fight dehydration, reducing excessive water evaporation from the skin. It permanently protects the skin from harmful external influences, even in harsh environments. The skin becomes soft and gets a feeling of comfort.
Cream for very dry and sensitive skin.

Golden rules for a flawless makeup removal

- Start with the eyes. Moisten a cotton swab with a means for removing makeup from the eyes for a few seconds, and attach it to the century closed - this will make better dissolved. Then remove makeup with a top-down movements of the century, then lash movements from the bottom up and finish the same movements under the eyelids.

- If you use a makeup remover that is washed off with water, moisten first person take the product to the palm and gently rub them together to form a foam, then apply the product to the face from the middle to the sides. Massage with light circular movements, then gently rinse with warm water. Then gently rub the skin with a cotton swab moistened with tonic movements from the middle of the face to the sides.
Author: Inna Sedykh