Cosmeceuticals - beauty from the pharmacy
 Task cosmeceutical industry - the development of new effective drugs for health and beauty, are safe enough to use them are not prescribed by a doctor.

Cosmeceutical   - A group of products having prophylactic and therapeutic effect. In accordance with the decree of the US Congress in 1938, medicinal and cosmetic products were divided. Drug named substances that act systemically, penetrate into blood and has an effect on internal organs. Cosmetic products was given a decorating function. In the 80-ies of XX century in the cosmetic products are increasingly began to administer the active ingredients, which have intense effects on the skin. As a result, the American dermatologist Albert Kligman proposed to allocate a separate group of cosmetic products with health-improving action - so there cosmeceutical products.

Modern means cosmeceuticals contain a significant concentration of active substances, but the number of ingredients in them is small, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions in humans. Their structure may not include hormones and antibiotics. The highlight of these funds is to include specially designed facilities, helps with skin problems. Like all medicines, cosmeceuticals are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy.


Vichy   - One of the most reputable manufacturers of cosmeceutical products .  In its origins was a dermatologist, who saw the task to develop "unique products for the skin, which were tested for allergies" .  The town of Vichy in central France and has become a place in which to create such unique products help the nature: hot springs are famous for their healing water and a mineral composition (17 minerals and 13 trace elements) determined its effect on the skin .  Since 1931 - the date of issue of the first line of cosmetics Vichy - and to this day one of the oldest water sources Lucas is included in all products sold under this brand .  Vichy produces a complete range of care products for skin and hair .  All products are specialized types of skin, as a means to correct age-related changes also take into account chronotype - the severity of these changes .  Therefore, the choice of cosmetics requires mandatory preliminary diagnosis .  The choice of sunscreen - too .  To alleviate this problem to the consumer, in his booklet puts special tests, which can define your own skin type and the UV-index of the required geographical area and, according to them - your desired cosmeceutical products . 

MYOKINE - means the correction of wrinkles around the eyes.   Preparation for the eye contour effectively corrects wrinkles and reduces dark circles under the eyes. Immediately after applying the cream skin around the eyes becomes smooth and supple. Microrelief aligned. Thanks to the active complex Adenoksin, wrinkles around the eyes visibly smoothed within 21 days of application.

LIPIDOSE 1 - moisturizing body lotion.   Milk nourishes the skin, it provides comfort and softness within 24 hours. Admission to the skin moisturizing ingredients (urea + lactate A) allows the skin to retain moisture and limits the disruption of lipid layers. After regular use disappears feeling of tightness and discomfort, the cracks disappear.


Another, less well-known manufacturer of cosmeceutical products - Lierac . Dr. Kariel, who founded it in 1975, was one of the first doctors in France who are seriously zyanyalsya aesthetic medicine, and became the first president of the Association of cosmetologists. He not only gave the brand its name - Lierac - an anagram Cariel, but determined its medical orientation. Production laboratory Lierac - it bodycare, which is based on biocompatible with the skin molecules obtained from different parts of plants. Each tool provides an effective solution to a problem associated with the skin. A separate area Lierac - sun line. All of its means of intensifying natural tan, restore the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of sunlight. Their effectiveness is determined by the original selection of the active ingredients - saffron, wax, vanilla, cinnamon, oak extract.

SOIN INTENSIF DEPIGMENTANT- intense depigmenting agent.   The tool solves the problem of complex uneven skin pigmentation. Based on the lipokinozomov, highly depigmenting and brightening ingredients, the drug provides a triple action: it reduces hyperpigmentation, warns a new appearance of age spots, lightens skin. Day after day, the skin becomes soft and radiant, complexion becomes uniform.

SOLEIL PROTECTION ACTIVE IPS 25 - complete protection for the face and body for sensitive fragile skin.   Milk effectively protects even the most delicate epidermis. It recommended for very sensitive skin. Thanks to technology fitomelaninov - active plant molecules derived from oak - at the same time protects the skin from UV radiation, free radicals and premature aging.

Skin Doctors

Australian mark Skin Doctors Sosmeceuticals supplying its products only in specialized centers and clinics. Skin Doctors specializes in the manufacture of high-tech beauty products - an alternative to surgery. Effect "scalpel" is achieved by introducing into the cosmetic composition of the active ingredients in an optimal dosage. Targeting a good result due to the fact that Australia - a country with the highest factor of aging in the world, why Skin Doctors products really works. The line means the company can solve most cosmetic problems: wrinkles, acne, sagging skin.

POWERBRASION 24H RESURFACING - cream to update the surface skin 24 hours.   After removing the top layer by peeling open young radiant skin that you want to support, what effectively cope renewing cream. The product contains glycolic, lactic, salicylic acid, due to which it has an unrivaled exfoliating and regenerating effect, and bearberry extract, known for its bleaching action and most powerful natural moisturizer - hyaluronic acid.

FADE AWAY PIGMENTATION LOTION - lotion for hands and body whitening.   The lotion is based on a carefully selected composition of natural ingredients to remove freckles, age and liver spots and other pigmented skin pigmentation disorders. This powerful herbal composition of bearberry and licorice provides effective skin lightening because of the unique properties of licorice. The strength of the impact of the lotion is successfully combined with the softness that distinguishes it from synthetic analogs containing hydroquinone and tretinoin.


RoC - French cosmeceutical company. The company was founded in 1957 by the talented Jean Charles Lissarro pharmacist who developed the formula of cosmetics without fragrances. In 1995 he was created and patented technology allows you to save retinol - vitamin A modification of the active - in its most efficient and safe manner. Since retinol is considered the main substance with chrono and photoaging, its introduction into the cosmetic products made it possible to increase their effectiveness. As a result of accelerated cell renewal, smoothes wrinkles, increases collagen production, improve skin texture, elasticity and firmness.

RETIN-OX ILLUMINATEUR - foundation. The first foundation of wrinkles, which makes wrinkles invisible without a mask effect. For a perfect color and a smooth surface of the face without wrinkles: a unique combination of coloring micro-pigments and reflective particles, which evens the complexion and visually "smooths out" wrinkles. For a noticeable reduction in wrinkles: exclusive retinol complex, which activates natural collagen production, pushing noticeably smoothing the wrinkles from within them.

RENEWEX - Expert System microdermabrasion.   RENEWEX delivers professional results at home: smooth the surface of the skin, restores a uniform color, the skin gets a healthy and fresh look. The system comprises microcrystals of aluminum oxide, which are used by dermatologists for professional dermabrasion procedures. After the application process is accelerated cell renewal, the skin becomes softer and takes a fresh look; restored a uniform complexion, the skin gets a healthy appearance; significantly adjusted fine lines and wrinkles.
Author: Inna Sedykh