Lifting without a scalpel - anti-age cosmetics
 Aging - a natural process that can not be reversed, but the anti-aging cosmetics offers new and new means to significantly slow the skin aging by supporting the natural youth for a long time.

Dermatological research has shown that the biological aging of the skin begins, actually, after sixty. Early wrinkles, sagging skin and faded contours can be relegated to a much later date than is commonly believed. And if people have skin fades earlier, the reason may be a genetic predisposition, but also in the wrong lifestyle and harmful external influences. A healthy diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise significantly slows down the aging process. However, it is impossible to eliminate wrinkles caused by food, sports, and sleep, but a healthy lifestyle allow to delay the appearance of new signs of aging, will give you a generally more youthful appearance. And to eliminate already showing signs of aging can be used to achieve the final cosmetic ideas - anti-aging serum and a cream-known manufacturers in the world of cosmetics.

Multifunctional anti-age means by Lancome

PRIMORDIALE YEUX - Cream noticeable rejuvenation. This jelly cream is already on the 8th day of use makes the skin visibly younger, since it consists of:

- Nanocapsules with Vitamin E to effectively fight free radicals that accelerate aging;

- Mekzoril SX - filter to protect against UV rays group A;

- An extract of red algae, known for its ability to unload the fabric;

- Gatulin, smoothes the skin.

The skin around the eyes becomes visibly younger, disappear swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

RENERGIE SERUM - means for lifting, anti-wrinkle and skin to restore elasticity to the face and neck.   The structure enables the means to include the active ingredients in a very high concentration which maximizes its effectiveness:

- It has the effect of tightening tool because it contains proliftin ™ - purified extract of soy, which forms on the surface of the skin contracting a thin film;

- It increases the elasticity of the skin because it contains energy complex, which strengthens the cells of the epidermis and restores the shape of the face;

- Visibly reduces wrinkles.

The product is suitable for all skin types.

RENERGIE - means of dual action - against wrinkles and restore skin elasticity to the face and neck. This cream is effective at the cell fibers, on which the state of the structure of the epidermis. Due to this, it allows you to get a double result:

- Restoring skin elasticity. Strengthen cell fibers, the skin again becomes dense and elastic;

- Action against wrinkles. Cells are tight to each other, and the structure of the epidermis is strengthened. Visibly reduces the depth of the large and small wrinkles.

Rejuvenating Serum by Dior

CAPTURE ESSENTIEL - anti-aging serum.   Activity and vitality of our skin support "protein of youth". Significant technological advances laboratories Dior was a successful attempt to reproduce and synthesize a molecule of pure micro-protein active part of the "protein of youth". Developed using a patented technology Dior, liposomes are capable of delivering a new generation of pure micro-protein directly into the heart of the epidermal cells, which quickly returns charge of youthful skin.

CAPTURE LIFT - Night regenerating anti-aging serum.   Specially designed for women over 45 years, this serum with liposomes and Vitamin A strengthens and smoothes the skin. Very quickly, the oval face is tightened, the skin gets a tone and elasticity.

Universal means of regenerating CLARINS

SERUM SUPER LIFT - a highly versatile regenerating serum for tightening the skin around the eyes.   Serum bioactive composition softens the skin (complex of active ingredients of plant origin, extracts of pineapple and papaya pulp, complex protein components obtained from wheat, vitamin E), allows for an immediate and lasting results in improving skin elasticity. Universal Serum:

- Reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes;

- Reduces and lightens dark circles under the eyes;

-delaet unnoticeable minor defects of the skin;

- Restores and moisturizes the skin;

- Protects it from harmful environmental exposures.

BAUME ANTI-RIDES - universal balm regenerating anti-wrinkle. The most effective means to eliminate the emerging age of wrinkles and "crow's feet", has in its composition extract of chicory (abundantly and permanently moisturizes the skin, improves the vitality of cells), an extract of the roots of ruscus aculeatus (improves blood circulation, removes excess moisture), vitamin C ( tones the skin), Noktoferin ™ (prevents the formation of free radicals during the night), a complex protein ingredients derived from wheat (smooths, strengthens and restores the skin)

This preparation for the Strengthening of the skin by Givenchy

FIRM PROFILE - cream for intensive firming.   Intensive firming cream with green tea polyphenols can quickly get the visual effect of skin tightening and facial contour definition. Powerful protection against free radicals that cause negative effects for the skin - the patented microcapsules of green tea polyphenols. They allow you to permanently improve and maintain skin elasticity - the main components of her youth. The exclusive ingredient - BIOPHYTOCOMPLEX-active restore cells activity, improves metabolism, restoring skin freshness and youth.
Daily use cream as an ordinary day-care (can be used at night) enhance the contours of your face, minimizes wrinkles, restores softness and elasticity, protects skin from the stress of modern life.

FIRM PROFILE SERUM - smoothes and makes the skin radiant serum.   Refreshing whey-based gel green tea protects, restores and strengthens the skin and makes it glow. Exclusive component within it tightens the face (lifting effect), smooths wrinkles, improves the complexion.
Author: Inna Sedykh