Multifunction drugs and care system - a lifesaver for women in today's hectic lifestyle.

Time pressure has long been a familiar condition for the modern man. The work, though, and favorite, takes a good half of life, we will inevitably spend a third of a dream, well, all that remains, I want to distribute between socializing with family and his hobbies. No wonder that many of us have no time to care for themselves. As a result of the premature and wrinkles appear and the hair looks like straw, and the figure is poor ... Is there a way out? Of course! Cosmetic brand now actively producing multifunction products, allowing with minimum time spent to get the maximum effect. Take note and begin to give myself at least 5 minutes a day.
This is not only useful, but also very nice.

For face

One of the most effective means of skin care are masks. They help to deal with the inflammation, intensely moisturize the skin and even get rid of fine wrinkles. One problem - the whole process will have to spend at least half an hour with the cleansing of the skin before and after applying the cream. Save precious minutes to help means "2 in 1", combining the gel cleanser and mask.

They are used as regular cleaning gels and foams: apply medication to the skin, avoiding the eye area, do a light massage, and ... do not wash and leave for 2-3 minutes. After that, remove detergent residue with a cotton pad soaked in warm water, wipe the face with his usual lotion and apply the cream. That's it - the epidermis received a charge of vivacity, energy, and has a deep clean. These drugs are especially good in taking care of the problem and oily skin, because it effectively removes all dirt from the pores, slightly dried and reduce the activity of sebaceous glands. As additional measures required unless the five-minute weekly exfoliation.

Owners of dry skin   You can consult other means - Makeup remover milk, enriched with natural oils. On the one hand, these drugs are thoroughly cleaned and on the other, thanks to thereby oils operate humidifying function. The product successfully replaces the toner, so that will be able to save not only time but also money.

Speaking about the care of the person, it is impossible to ignore the modern cream - some of them are truly miraculous. Innovation   - Cream for oily skin, which a)   prevents pimples due to the content of salicylic acid; b)   moisturizes, thanks to the presence of plant extracts. Formula adjusted with such precision that the components of the cream complement each other, helping to solve several problems in one fell swoop. In addition, modern cosmetics is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy, so that after its application you can almost immediately begin to make-up.

Speaking of makeup.   Your attention should be paid special mosaic, which collected several shades of shadows or blush. Choose pastel shades - it is suitable for eyes and cheeks immediately. Thus, you can create stylish monochrome make-up suitable for the office and for the party.

For body

Lose weight without exercise and diet? Fiction, of course, no one is going to dissuade you otherwise. But, if you satisfied with your figure and want to be a little more than "tightened", pay attention to special creams, gels and lotions with "modeling effect." They do not remove extra kilos, but just make the skin more elastic, because of what is created and the desired effect. Along the way, solved the problem of hydration and nutrition, so picking a good tool for the correction, you can forget about all the other preparations. Such cosmetics can be found like the luxury brands (Clarince, Shiseido), and have more democratic (Garnier, Nivea).

In order not to get lost looking at such an abundance of cosmetics for the body, first of all, pay attention to the composition of the product in a particular jar. The benefit agent says that it contains caffeine, plant extracts, vitamins and the previously mentioned natural oils. Recent satiate skin cells with moisture and prevent the unpleasant feeling of tightness, to which many women complain of winter. Vitamins and extracts, in turn, maintain a healthy skin tone and color of the skin, make it smooth and velvety to the touch. As for caffeine, day after day, he will contribute to the splitting of fat cells, helping you stay in shape. To get a more pronounced result, the application of a cream or gel would be nice to accompany a massage - tingling, tapping and rubbing.

If you want to not only deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, but to give it a light tan, get toning lotion with NMF (natural moisturizing factor)   and minerals. This tool is an excellent alternative to solarium - it is perfectly safe, because the stain only the top layer of the epidermis without affecting the internal organs. To get an even color, lotion evenly over the skin and ... Wash your hands, or on the palms remain traces.

For hair

"The shampoo and conditioner in one bottle", perhaps, has become a classic of the genre and won the hearts of many of us, .  It would seem that may be more convenient and easier .  However, experts are not so rosy set: according to experts, shampoo-conditioner can be used only in very exceptional cases, when you shampoo is less than 5 minutes .  The fact that these two funds have a completely different purpose: Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and hair, well, air conditioner softens them, makes silky, facilitates combing .  Combine them into one, in principle, possible, but the effectiveness of the resulting formulation doubt .  Even if we add more herbal ingredients, natural oils and amino acids, cleaning the components will still be to dry the hair and in the future can make them hard and brittle .  So, it is not necessary to save time .  When shampooing, first apply a good shampoo, hand-picked by the type of hair, and then - the air conditioning, especially because modern means of sufficient hold on the hair for 1-2 minutes, so that the active components have penetrated into the hair and began to act .

There are also special leave-in conditioner and serum, which not only soften the hair and gives hair shine, volume, glue split split ends, and even protect by thermal exposure (for example, blow-drying). Look for similar funds in the line of professional brands. Preference is given to those that contain extracts of chamomile, rosemary, seaweed, jojoba oil, etc.

The styling also means you can find many "mnogostanochnikov." Paul Mitchell offers a revolutionary product that has all the advantages of wax, but enclosed in a spray can. Natural beeswax, part of the drug, provides a soft lock - the hair does not stick together and not heavier. In turn, the shape of the spray means makes a very convenient to use and very economic. With such a product even "novice" will be able to make a stylish, elegant styling. Bonus - the presence in the extracts of chamomile, aloe vera and henna, which will take care of the hair throughout the day, making them healthy and strong.
Author: Irina Titlinov