Sunbathing, not aging!
 The latest generation of sun protection products available for sale with the lowest index of the screen, but at the same time on the labels of most of these funds are new terms: means sun protection anti-age, or screen for eye contour ...
What it gives us - consumers, rather, potrebitelnits?

Keeping up a high sun protection index has slowed since the recommendations of Afssaps (the French agency of sanitary safety of health products): the index of 50+ is maximized screen.

But as the index decreases, an increasing number of increasingly sophisticated cosmetics Sun: means for eye contour, anti-wrinkle, anti-allergic, anti-age spots, against greasy. Impact Zone also continued fraction: special funds for sensitive areas or for mature skin: each agent has its own purpose!

In fact, this new approach to tan seeks to rehabilitate the copper color of the skin. "Despite the fear of new wrinkles or cancer, all women want to gild their skin tan" - says beautician Martin Baspeira.

"Clearly, she continues, - that the owners of light skin should always be to protect to the maximum, as the sun of their" do not like ", but our role is to help others to sunbathe in complete safety."

Hence the interest of all the major brands to specific complex formulas that link to other sun protection cosmetic purposes. But this complication is not whether it is a luxury reserved for the rich and put an end to the universal product family for general use on the beach?

"Absolutely no! - Responsible Dr. Miryam Burse.- That changed at the request of cosmetologists tanning formula. And even if we continue to recommend milk for the face and body for some remains, however, an unfortunate goal to simplify "Sunbathing, not aging!"

According to these cosmetologists, the emergence of a narrowly-focused funds especially in the section justifies anti-age.

While the existence of the dangers of UV-B (redness of the skin and cellular changes) has long been recognized, as well as a recognized and effective protection of the high index of danger caused by UV-A, - rays, which are a thousand times more than the UV - B, is undervalued. But these UV-A rays constitute 98% UV, which bombard our skin every day.

In addition, canceling alarm sunstroke, high protection UV-B causes increase the time spent in the sun. Without redness there is a burn, the consumer is considered to be protected, and this time attacked his skin rays UV-A, and the damage to the skin cells imperceptible and invisible to the naked eye.

  "The sun is responsible for more than 70% of skin aging" - recalls Roger Renou, directors of research and development work for the Sisley. A harmful UV-A radiation penetrates to the dermis, causing damage to the skin fibers, it is the cause of skin aging (wrinkles , weakening of skin, loss of elasticity, age spots).

"Thus, it is in the fight against premature aging, and indirectly cancers, these solar products anti-age of real interest. First, because the filter - the first way to fight against wrinkles, which is able to slow the skin aging. Then, because it's new attitude, rather than to underestimate the danger makes them better acquaint consumers and caution. "

"It is essential in the context of a general reduction of holiday time - a trend, provoking a long presence on the beach, while the formation of melanin is required for more than 48 hours" - recalls Roger Renou.

New solar products anti-age designed to prevent aging, prevent cell ADN, and strengthen the natural defense system of the skin.

The principle of "self-defense favored natural skin, that is, the rise of melanin and thickening of the horny layer, which blocks 70% UV-A, skipping the permissible dose of rays, neutralizing their harmful results," explains Roger Renou.

The new solar panels deployed its protective results across the board, not complicating, however, the usual skin care. It is enough to replace your summer day cream to anti-age protective agent with a low index. Tip: Use the product for at least thirty minutes before sun exposure and renew every 2 hours.