Cosmetic Dentistry
 Everything you need to know about the treatment and prosthetics.

What it is?

Cosmetic surgery has evolved over time: there is now a huge number of proposals in this field. The result of this work was the huge number of different technologies and methods of treatment of patients, broken teeth, and restore lost teeth to improve your self-esteem.

What is now being proposed in this area?


Special products whiten your teeth by removing plaque from coffee, tea, red wine and smoking.

Procedure.   First, the dentist examines your teeth and makes an impression. Then, the mold is filled with hydrogen peroxide, and, depending on the condition of your teeth, your doctor recommends that you keep them a couple of minutes or walk for a week for about two hours, until you reach the desired result.

Risk.   Do not overdo it, otherwise the people will be able to distinguish between your smile in the dark. Whitening - it is a safe procedure, which in any case should not hurt your gums.

Artificial teeth

It is not necessary to enter into a friendly relationship with your dentist, he always heal your tooth and upgrade it if necessary. Sometimes service includes changing the shape of the tooth - Turning it.

  Struck by the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, and then applied a special adhesive mass. On the tooth, a special lamp that dries this mass, it becomes hard. Sounds, of course, scary, but no harm this lamp will not cause.

Risk.   Some time after the procedure, do not eat, should be avoided in the following cases, which may result in injury of the tooth.

Porcelain braces

Unique procedure that changes the shape of the teeth and makes a brilliant smile. How? - On your teeth just installed a special porcelain system.

Procedure.   Under laboratory conditions, specially manufactured products that you have to wear. The procedure is similar to the capacity (applying a special weight on the teeth), but it is more long-term and require frequent visits to the dentist.

Risk.   Braces can put teeth are not as you expected.

Porcelain crowns

If your teeth are so damaged that the above methods do not help, then one way out - the crown.

  Crowns are placed on your damaged tooth, they can be made of metal or gold. The teeth should be prepared: cleaned and decontaminated. It's a long process.

Risk.   Nobody will give you a 100% guarantee how long will the crown, but it will allow you to maintain a functioning tooth.
Author: JSS