Massage for face
 More and more women around the world choose "Botox" as the only way to get rid of wrinkles. Although it is a painful process, my forehead and chin, which are covered by fine wrinkles, indicate that it is time to act.

In fact, having tried on myself, I can see that Botox has certain effects during relaxation of the facial muscles, and voltage lines do not appear, but the effects of Botox as a procedure can also be very capricious.

The movement of the eyebrows means increased brain activity. Maybe that's why many middle-aged women get wrinkles - their youth carried a lot of thought.

Sure, there are other ways of getting rid of wrinkles, you need to research them before you commit to the injection of Botox. In studying this question, I decided to go for a massage for the face, so popular in the seventies. But since then much time has passed, our demands have increased, so it is not known how effective for us now would be the procedure of the seventies.

I recently visited a Japanese company, which provides services such massages. It turned out that this is a great way to stimulate the facial muscles, even after the first procedure. I was skeptical until then, until I saw the results.

Created 11 movements that you need to play at the same time, (just not worth it to do them in the presence of your young man - ispugaetisya :)).

My favorite exercise - one that stimulates the lower jaw. Place the index finger on his chin, and the average - below the chin and move your finger towards the ear. There are also exercises on the plump cheeks and wrinkles on the forehead.

Two-three-minute massage is recommended on a daily basis is better even twice a day. However, if you are too busy woman, I think (for yourself checked) as a weekly massage brings results.

It is best to begin to address the salon. Experts prompt you mix different zones and a combination of exercises for each zone.

If you have had plastic surgery, then massage gives tremendous positive results. There are various types, such as pearls. So do not waste your time, go for a massage!
Author: Irina Vasilieva