Organic Beauty
 You are healthy and feel at one with nature, always eat food grown in organic conditions. If you are so concerned about chemicals coming from the food, why not follow their presence in cosmetics? Organic cosmetics - this is one of the leading, developing trends in the beauty industry, a lot of these products appear on store shelves today.

Estimates that every average woman uses cosmetics, rubbed into the skin up to 200 chemicals a day. Moreover, it is proved that 60% of these chemicals carried by the blood. At risk are people with eczema, allergies, because it carries the cosmetics chemicals that are harmful to health. So what products should be used to benefit and only benefit to your skin?

What are organic products?

It's a type of product that is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Rules governing the organically grown products also prohibit the use of genetically modified ingredients.

How can you determine what products are organic?
This is a tricky area, as EU law only applies to food. While The Soil Association and the Organic Food Federation has developed its own rules regarding this type of product. Pay attention to the signs that indicate that the product is approved (UKROFS).

What is meant by the labels?

If indicated, that the product, for example, a face cream - organic, it must contain at least 95% of organic components. If specified, it based on organics, then - 70%.

How long are kept of such products?

Due to the absence of preservatives in the product sealed state is kept not more than 18 months. In the open form of the life of up to 4 months. But in any case, the date of manufacture and expiry date on the packaging.