Plump mouth without nasolabial folds.
 This wrinkle begins near the nose and down to the corners of the mouth. Appearing she never disappear even if we stop laughing. It gives the face a sad look.

What today there are ways to get rid of wrinkles?

Aesthetic Medicine   now it offers a special injection of acid. Stamps and the concentration of the acid is different - this is the physician selects and applies them depending on the nature and depth of the wrinkles of the skin. But you should know that no one injection can not be one hundred percent perfect. Once inserted under the skin of a foreign body, there is always the risk of subcutaneous balls and redness

  The acid is absorbed between 3 and 9 months, and if the result of the injection granuloma formed, it disappears from 6 to 18 months. Therefore, good doctors beauticians always before surgery is performed allergy tests.

  Injections acid rather painful, but it is possible to suffer for beauty. As a result, if the skin is not too tight and not too wrinkled smile becomes a forgotten charm. Redness at the injection site usually disappears within 48 hours.

Injections are carried out after 4, 6 and 9 months, depending on the acid concentration. Price - from 200 euros per injection. In principle, one can not say that the injections are a great risk to our health: they solubility. But you should always use the same product for such procedures. Therefore - specify product name, if you change your doctor.

Cosmetic procedures:

Can apparently erase wrinkle silicone gel, which is usually presented as a pen or pencil. He fills the groove, erasing this shortcoming. At the same time it is good for your skin. All the major cosmetic brands produced such gels.


It is necessary to carry out the white line with a brush on wrinkles to her disguise. You can use this tool for masking circles under the eyes. Or one of those new pencils that camouflage these shortcomings. Then you need to smudge the lighter tone of the skin to a tone cream has not been sharp divorce. (Circuit around the nostrils is also possible at the same time lighten.)


With age, the upper lip has vertical wrinkles that are particularly clearly visible in women who smoke. And the lips tend to lose their elastic plump appearance and "fall off". A good doctor will explain to you that the lips lose moisture.

Methods in order to maintain a fresh mouth.

Aesthetic Medicine:

Acid injections are made along the vertical wrinkles, as well as the contour of the upper lip. The new concentration, which appeared recently on the market of cosmetic medicine allow these fillings remain stable for 6 to 12 months. But it is quite delicate work, as wrinkles are filled one after the other, and the contour of the mouth is redrawn. If the lip is very thin, she is given a rotund appearance with injections made directly into the lip tissue. The physician must apply with the local anesthetic, like at the dentist.

The upper lip is inflated for 24 hours, then you can reach the people. The difference compared with the silicones that used previously, is that the lips are not similar to the tire. The result is not thrown directly into the eyes of others. Sessions are repeated with a frequency of once a year. Price - from 500 euros per injection.

Cosmetic solutions:

Some tools are designed to improve microcirculation in the lips to make them plumper. These tools are based on the caffeine, menthol or cane extracts. They may even pinching his lips. Other means fortified dehydrated collagen microspheres fill the grooves on the lips, and make clearer the contours of the lips. All these facilities make the lips more red - and that is good!


The more lipstick shiny, bright and colorful, the more it gives the volume of the lips. We must avoid the dark contour lip at the bright lipstick. This method visually identifies weaknesses. There is an eternal prescription lip makeup that works: Find a lipstick that is right for you, and put glitter of the same color at the center of the lips.