The dream of European women - the almighty cream!
 The ideal cream for European women - is an expensive cream that "can do everything!"

Today's trend in expensive cosmetic products - multifunctional approach.

"In Europe, the search for its products is kept to a minimum, explains Veronique Delvigne, responsible for Scientific Affairs of the brand Lancome. There is too little time to devote to their skin. Their dream - to find a universal Almighty cream. While Asia's beauty is - long ritual!"

But the versatility of today is expensive. Where do you find such a product is lower than 100 euro? Is it only at the supermarket, but in this case without the brand label and no valuable ingredients.

Often women customers are attracted by the sea, even branded creams. When we choose a cream «Clé de Peau Beauté», we trust the know-how of the group Shiseido, but also brought a small golden wand for overlaying skin. (As if we believe that gold transferred to our skin). Let's not even talk about the cream «Sensai Premier» Group Kanebo: 630 euros per 40 ml!

The most rare and most high-performance assets.

Why do these creams are so expensive? Because it is precious little real technological delights. Besides the fact that they consist of active ingredients is very, very rare, and their texture is elaborated for a long time and saturate the noblest essences and perfumes, creams, these are presented in a very real casket - just packing their capacity will not name.

"Our client is very, very demanding. They use only the exclusive cosmetic products" - explain in the group Guerlain.

"Until now, manufacturers have offered action on the skin at the cellular urovne- specifies Veronique Delvigne. Today many care operate at the level of tissue - that is much more interesting, because we affect the entire group of cells with the same product."

Target areas: the main components of the skin: fibroblast (skin guarantors of stability), korneosit (protective wall of the skin), melanosomes (guarantee uniformity of color), and other elements. Product changes its target areas, depending on the user's needs today is the typical buyer of expensive creams - a woman of mature age, with an interesting profession with high standards of living, are engaged.

Cream «Secret de Vie» by Lancôme was conceived for women 35-45 years old who are concerned with their beauty, but not its wrinkles. It also acts on the nerve fibers and cells responsible for the integrity of the skin.

In the range of the last cream «Capture Totale» by Christian Dior used hood longonza seed (plant, close to the ginger), which acts simultaneously on about twenty components of the skin. And while all the competition between the active components possible - they are chosen strictly for mutual supplement.

Other means of care, drawn up for the same age group, offers help for menopausal skin. Way opened ten years ago laboratories Liérac, and continued excellent brands such as, for example, Sisley.

The overall objective of creams: to stimulate cell function and slow to deliver food to cells to compensate for the weakness of the hydro-lipid layer.

Products produced as daytime and night-activities throughout the year. But nothing prevents a break, if we have a particular need for more moisture, the elimination of spots or wrinkles, you want to adjust the already specific creams.