The mask, which smoothes the face, such as iron.
 Moisturizing, cleansing, smoothing and toning, facials are essential in the arsenal of beauty of modern women. Each of us have our favorite mask, the selection of which is made according to the state of the skin and body-oriented area. This is because each mask has a pronounced specific action.

Moisturizing Mask   It remains the most elementary of face masks. Suitable all, they are the most appreciated by owners of dry skin. Weather conditions - sun, wind damage our skin, making it hard, dull. When the basic tools (lotion and day cream) are insufficient, suggest a more concentrated care - moisturizing mask.

This type of masks - hydrating - is based on the powerful active components, such as oil seeds germinated, acids, vitamins and others. These masks feature nourish the skin in depth and "re-inflate" it, ensuring skin elasticity.

  Saturated with moisture without stopping, moisturizing mask remaining funds urgent care especially for dehydrated skin. In winter, they protect from the cold, and in summer, are fighting against the harmful radiation of the sun. There are moisturizing mask for the face, hands, body and hair.

Cementing masks, called familiarly cleaning, especially recommended for combination and oily skin. Under various influences (fatigue, hormones), natural peeling of the skin slows down, which results in a thickening of the stratum corneum.

The consequence: reduced micro-circulation, formed sebaceous cork, leather pants, and shiny. Simple daily are insufficient in order to start the skin to absorb the secretion of sebum. The skin in such cases it is necessary to clean in depth.

Composed primarily of green, white or blue clay, zinc oxide and menthol, clearing masks allow free cluttered pores, they eliminate impurities, delivering minerals and essential trace elements, thinning and clearing the skin texture.

With regular use, the skin gets a healthy well-groomed appearance! The ideal use of cleaning masks is to spend a pleasant pre easy peeling, and then apply a thick layer on the face mask for 10 minutes, avoiding the eye contour and lips.

Cleansing masks also exist in the version of the hair, under the guise of creams or oils to healthier scalp and remove dandruff.

In smoothing mask   there is one feature: they are meant only for women over 40 years old. With fatigue and skin aging, facial skin loses its elasticity and resilience, allowing to appear the first mimic wrinkles and folds. Collagen fibers are synthesized more slowly, and the skin is lowered.

Solution: use of masks, called "tightening" that allow the skin to polish and re-strengthen the muscles, optimizing the endurance of the skin, as well as its potential for recovery.

Most often, these masks are sold under the guise of creams, gels, making a kind of "cosmetic surgery", containing a cocktail of active ingredients, polishing and activating (extract grain rice, vitamin B5 and B6), which restore skin elasticity and tighten the facial oval.

And for an instant the "rejuvenation" and impeccable make-up the night before, place a bet on the mask "instant lift" that imposed a very thin layer. The effect of such "iron" in 3 minutes!

Available in jars or in individual bags sold separately, these remodulates masks remain the number one product for mature skin.

Soothing Mask.   For those who like to relax at the same time take care of your skin, there is also a whole range of masks - soothing. Composed mostly based on essential oils and plants (rose, iris, chamomile) or raw materials from the hot springs, they can offer a soothing treatment for the most sensitive skin.

Thoroughly tested in terms of dermatology, they unload, moisturize, and reduce discomfort, removing irritation and redness. In order to have perfect skin, a pleasant and dynamic, these masks can be used on a daily basis, accompanied by a cleansing milk and a day cream for sensitive skin.

Today, all major brands of cosmetics produce masks for non-professional, domestic use, which helps apply quickly and beskhlopotno desired mask.