To paint or not?
 Hair color is transmitted to us by inheritance, it depends on the activity of the cells that produce melanin. On hair color also affect the air bubbles present in the cortical and medullary layers of the hair. If prevails melanin, the hair are red and dark. The more air bubbles in the hair, so they are lighter.

Any staining leads to a change in the structure of the hair. Paints are now presented in different embodiments, the depth of influence. The main thing - the right choice, that is, to be sure, for how long you can expect action.

There are paint the first level (washed off after 6-8 weeks), the second level (have a low ammonia content, change the color of hair on the 1-2 pitch, losing the brightness of 2-3 months), paint the third level (persistent ensure complete gray coverage) .

The most important thing in painting - is to decide with color.   Hair color says a lot about your character, for example, is considered frivolous blonde and sometimes silly, but sex; brunettes and brown-haired women - smart, bitchy, different exigencies of the word; red - passionate, passionate and freedom-loving.

Some stylists think that will suit the color that you had as a child, so please bring a photo, which you 5 years - this is your unique hair color.

In addition, if you have thin hair, a light shade of their only exacerbate the image of a "mouse tail", so if you're blonde hair, leaving much to be desired, use the tools for volume. To hide the painted dry hair, it is better to give them a chocolate color, then they will appear silky and shiny. To demonstrate the ardor or some levity suit red or red shades, but do not forget that the color you choose is not for one day, so it's a good think.

Tanned girl and mulattos are bright shades of gold and dark brown, but red hair is not combined with a tan. Dark hair aggravates pale face, so if nature has not endowed you peach blush, try to shade it light or red shades of hair. Please note that black and very dark colors visually makes you older.

Many women do not use dyes, because they believe that it goes gray. If you belong to this category of women, keep in mind that hair is streaked with gray look better in a short hairstyle or in a chemical wave and long hair flowing over her shoulders older.

And finally, particular with the color, never proceed on the principle that it is a friend, I, too, this shade will do. Or: I am now in vogue blonde - immediately brightens. The main thing - to choose the color that suits you personally, given the structure of the hair and skin type.   Therefore, if you are not sure, consult with a specialist - he will make the right decision.

Good luck!
Author: JSS