Beauty-patch by Dove self-esteem of girls
 April 9 Dove has published on the Internet a video with the results of large-scale socio-psychological research. Another experiment shows why girls feel self-doubt.

Dove again reminds the girls that beauty - a state of mind. New research has shown that the feeling of beauty depends on the internal state.

The evidence has become an unusual experiment, during which the doctor Ann Kearney-Cooke , A psychologist at the Institute of Psychotherapy Cincinnati and one of the leading specialists in the image of the female body, there was a group of subjects a special Beauty-patch that enhances self-esteem.

Within 15 days, the participants were their own video blog, which recorded all the changes that have taken place with them in the period of use of the patch. It turned out that the girl became more sociable, feel more beautiful and have the confidence in yourself, even without makeup.

After the experiment, the girls once again met with a psychologist to talk about the changes in their lives, which were the result of a unique patch. Participants were impressed by the conclusion of a psychologist. The patch, which is so affected their lives turned out to be nothing, an empty shell. All changes take place with the girls were the result of their own thoughts and internal state.

The study found that in reality, the perception of their own beauty runs deep in our consciousness. Only 4% of women feel really beautiful, others are skeptical of its attractiveness and see more flaws in their appearance than merit.

Awareness of one's own beauty helps girls feel more confident. Worldwide. Dove encourages women to love themselves as they really are. Principle Dove - enable women to believe in their beauty, and make their appearance served as a source of confidence, not anxiety. After Dove knows that when a woman feels beautiful, she radiates happiness and self-confidence, and this greatly improves her life.

Author: Anna Shustrova