Head & Shoulders: Enough to check - it's time to live with confidence!
 Meet the updated collection of Head & Shoulders and verify the effectiveness of Head & Shoulders with a special test strip before and after using shampoo.

Think for a moment: you have ever feel uncomfortable dryness or tingling of the scalp? Perhaps this is the first symptoms of dandruff. In fact, half of the world's population will sooner or later confronted with this problem. If you've ever secretly looked at his shoulders, afraid to discover there hated white "flakes" - this news is for you.

According to our research, the effectiveness of Head & Shoulders, dandruff shampoo number 1 in the world *, confirm 8 out of 10 dermatologists. **   You want to see this in person? Then go instant test for the presence of dandruff in the store. To do this, contact your consultant Head & Shoulders for a special test strip and attach it to the parting in her hair. If on a black background white stripes will "point", it's time to use Head & Shoulders.
Another great news for those who want to be sure of the health and beauty of your hair: on the shelves appeared updated lineup Head & Shoulders, some of whom are new - shampoo "Citrus freshness" 2 to 1.   The new generation of shampoo contains a unique active ingredient Aktitsink, effective in the fight against dandruff and a special flavor formula. Thanks to the new technology aroma, base, top and middle notes Head & Shoulders disclosed during the day, like a real spirits. In addition the action of shampoo top notes enhanced by contact with water, so that during shampooing its flavor comes alive on your hair, providing a feeling of freshness and 100% confidence.

 Head & Shoulders: Enough to check - it's time to live with confidence!

The new line of shampoo Head & Shoulders will give you 100% freedom from dandruff ***, and the hair will give a unique flavor. After two weeks of regular use retest and enjoy impressive results. Be confident in the health and beauty of your hair!

Charge hair confidence and "explosive" freshness Head & Shoulders!

* According to P & G, based on the sales data to Nielsen for July 2012 - June 2013.
** Based on the survey results of 3800 dermatologists. The World Congress of Dermatology, May 2011.
*** Visible dandruff with regular use.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova