How to decorate a country site
 Villa is the place where you want to escape from the city, to think about the beautiful and reconnect with nature, so the arrangement of the suburban area is an integral part of country life. In addition to the practical role of the suburban area to play and arts and aesthetic role. There are many ways and means to decorate suburban area: alpine slides, artificial ponds, fountains, flower beds, sculptures, topiary, rockeries, hedges, decorative borders, exotic plants, paths, trails, and others. Many of the decorations suburban area can be equipped only with the help of experts, but most of them are possible to build with their own hands.

To decorate the suburban areas has become popular to use a composition of stone. The art of using stone in landscape design came from the East thousands of years ago. Stone decorations to give your own hands can be built on any plot. Ideas rock gardens, you can peek at the nature and for the realization of the planned will be sufficient only to find stones of different size and shape.

 How to decorate a country site

Of course, an indispensable ornament suburban area is its landscaping. Classics landscaping suburban area can rightly be regarded as the construction of flower beds.
Flowers can be organized in a different shape and size beds, alpine slides. Well look at their summer cottage Topiary - artistically trimmed plants. With them in the garden appear green sculpture, which can be a highlight of the infield. A perfect garden decorations are exotic plants that are added everyday dacha mystery and dipped his head into the tale of the Mediterranean. For landscaping area often choose a hedge that is not only beautifully decorated but also helps to protect it from dust and wind.

Water features are an interesting object of landscape design in the regeneration of suburban area. It can be as small pond troughs for birds and large to a fish pond. Also look great in a variety of garden fountains and streams, many of which can be built with their own hands.

To decorate the suburban area, especially in the rural style, using old things, giving them a second life. There are many decorating ideas to give their own hands. It may be unnecessary older vessels and containers that can be issued in flower pots. From the old boards you can build a mill or a birdhouse for birds. Wheel from an old cart can become a chandelier for the gazebo, and the cart itself in a gorgeous flower.

 How to decorate a country site

An interesting decoration suburban area can be paths. They not only help you move around the site and zoning space, but of course, decorate it. Tracks Bridge from paving stones, cement, gravel, boards - a classic materials. To achieve a decorative effect of constructing a track log Spila, decorative stone, framing their flowering plants.

Decorating the garden thing are not afraid to make a mistake. It should let your imagination free and create. Summer residence area, made with love, will always be pleasing to the eye, and bring peace.

Author: Anna Shustrova