John Frieda Hair Oil is the updated line of Full Repair
 Daily styling with a hair dryer, use of styling appliances and regular staining generate a vicious circle: the hair is dry, damaged, dull and constantly in need of repair. John Frieda Professional perfected the successful line of Full Repair, expanding its revolutionary oil to restore and strengthen the hair.

The essence of the line, which has been specifically designed to restore and strengthen the hair, terminate closed cycle of hair damage. Restoring formula contains light oil Inca Inches from the heart of the Amazon, which is 47 times richer in omega-3 fatty acids than Argan oil. She copes brilliantly with any damage to the hair, tired of the constant pilings.

Full Repair Oil hair tonic

Innovative oil reduces brittle hair recovers markedly, making hair smoother and obedient, without weighting.

 John Frieda Hair Oil is the updated line of Full Repair

• Light formula contains a highly concentrated oil Inca Inches - one of the richest sources of omega fatty acids in the world, which contains 47 times more omega-3 than Argan oil.

• Makes hair more manageable and increases shine.

• Protects hair from heat styling damage while using the device during installation.

• Universal use: after shampooing, apply to damp hair for extra stabilization and protection. Use on dry hair as a fixing for a silky shine and smoothness.

It restores the appearance and condition of damaged hair with each application.

Volume: 100 ml

Price 755 rub.

Made in the UK

Author: Anna Shustrova