The new fragrance for her amber musk from Narciso Rodriguez
 The new fragrance for her amber musc reveals the secrets of the East. Created in 2013 exclusively for the Middle East, it now appears in Europe and worldwide.

Between darkness and light, exceptional flavor for her amber musc Saturated and at the same time refined, enveloping and luxurious, revealed precious, like gold, notes.

Musk in the heart of the fragrance, amplified chords of ambergris and satisfies wood, conveys a sense of absolute luxury.

While creating for her amber musc   perfumer Aurélien Guichard   preserved elegance floral notes of musk heart and originality of the original version for her . Filled with precious amber chords and satisfies the tree, for her amber musc   It lowers the veil of secrecy and emphasizes the natural femininity, the embodiment of sensuality and elegance.

Components and notes:

• Patchouli and eastern chords (vanilla, amber, leather) give the flavor of tenderness and sensuality, emphasizing the mystery and elegance.

• Chords satisfies wood (woody and honey notes) embody the captivating splendor of flavor.

• Leather for deeper chords and velvety feeling.

• Also included in the composition of incense, orange blossom and vanilla.

 The new fragrance for her amber musk from Narciso Rodriguez

The luxurious bottle designed in elegant classical architectural form, familiar to fans of the brand, recognizable among others. Rays of warm sunlight shimmer, turning into real gold, creating a contrast with the clear contours of the bottle and cap. This is an intriguing balance. Design for her amber musc   It reflects the duality that is dear to the creator of flavor and embodies his credo: "Everything is good in moderation."

Available from April 2014

Perfume narciso rodriguez for her amber musc, the volume of 100ml - 7000 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova