Veytizm - another side of life of obese women
 Even if you do not know what veytizm, you can observe this phenomenon in life. Especially if you are suffering too conventional proportions and overweight.

In English it is called «weightism», the word weigh - weight. A is veytizm - a form of discrimination experienced by people with excess weight.

And even plus size model veytizm experienced myself. This was told a new documentary «A Perfect 14", the heroine of which were three full model (with sizes "14", hence the name). Canadian filmmakers have removed the tape is not so much about life models plus size, many of the difficulties encountered in the life of fat people in general and complete models in particular.

 Veytizm - another side of life of obese women

Girls from the film insist they have the right to be themselves and want us to be heard. Below - movie trailer in English.

And you met with veytizmom?

Author: Julia Gnedina