How to overcome depression after the spring
 In winter, a small amount of the sun, lack of vitamins and gray bleak landscapes lead to a depressed state, and even depression. But once the rescue of drowning, you know, we have asked is always fun and smiling writer Lena Lenin, share with us the secrets that will help bring back the joy of life and create a spring mood.

Lena Lenina " The first step is pushing the dusty curtains and the sun run into the house. At the same time it is possible and to do general cleaning Not only to mark the beginning shiny new life, but also to throw a couple of extra kilos. After all, physical activity promotes the release of endorphins in the blood that are fans of metaphors in editions of women's magazines called "the hormone of happiness." If we are not lucky and we have a housekeeper, which deprives us of the joy of saving and weight loss in a bottle, or more precisely, in a bucket, then 5-10 minutes of yoga, stretching or fizzaryadki morning provide us not only to improve the metabolism and harmony, but and a good mood for the whole day.

  The secret of the second - green.   At one site in gerontology, my son, who has decided to live forever, found that residents of green villages live an average of ten years longer than the inhabitants of large cities. Therefore, in your nearest weekend, if there is no opportunity to move out of town, and my mother is not a castle in the picturesque village on the banks of the Loire, you will try to go to a picnic near Chelyabinsk, nature awakens to purify our brain from the hard disk images dullness and depression.

The secret of the third - in the refrigerator.   More specifically, it is. Since then, we push in itself affects us more than elections in the Maldives, the next step on the path to happiness, reviewing our diet. The most optimistic and anti-stress from nutrient is magnesium, which is fully in cereals, dried fruits, and of joy, chocolate. If the followers of scientific and technical progress prefer vitamin supplements, they will remember that vitamin B1 has beneficial effects on the nervous system, and vitamin C fights with great weakness. Thus, chips and sandwiches substitute for fruits and vegetables, instead of coffee, and Cola, drink healthy and filling optimism herbal and green tea. Broth hips, Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng and other natural energy - the fourth secret of perfect happiness.

The secret of the fifth - a selfish altruism.   Everyone knows that to give more pleasant than to receive. We do not agree with this statement, only those who have not tried it. Do not go crazy, giving to the poor all that had saved the family. Just do one good deed a day and needs to close, which is shy to ask for help. The real joy of this selfish altruism lead to the complete victory over depression. In an extreme case, if we look Mother Teresa does not appeal, and the good thing I want to do only a neighbor, then we give his beloved girlfriend shampoo with vitamins from Lundenilona or day spa Bontabelle, and feel as if it would be presented to the whole yacht.

The next secret to happy - smile.   Please erase soaked with milk Soviet mother's expression, "Do not come in, kill! ". And then learn how to stretch your mouth horizontally. Over time, we learn and, most importantly, put into effect a magical mechanism directly proportional to the number of smiles quality spirits.

The secret of the seventh - happiness can be bought.   Shopping - an excellent tool to combat depression. Choose all the bright and colorful. Derogatory gray and black mourning leave for the carpet and guide the next winter. Now we meet the spring with all the colors of the rainbow. "All power to bloom! "- As told to my camper in the Mausoleum relative. In addition, red causes increased production of hormones in men and pink a young, red-haired and so Goldenhair choose a shade of red tomato and salmon-apricot rose and ash blondes and brunettes burning - crimson shade of red and purple-pink.

The secret of the eighth - right into the arms of love!   If the winter we have lost not only paints, but also faith in the opposite sex, then immediately increase the circulation potential partners around. For example, to find the right man, surround ourselves unnecessary. Then the desired shape up, because I did not notice the queen with the entourage impossible. To help the weak-sighted and do not notice potential lovers around him, in the streets, on the road or at work, comes all the same scientific and technical progress in the form of online dating sites on the Internet. Otherwise, where else for a week you will meet 876 bachelors?

  So it turns out that happiness can be learned, it can be bought or forcibly pull the tail of his blue bird. "

Author: Anna Shustrova