Special project "Fights + K" on Povarenok.ru
 We are continuing special project "Fights". At this time, the sponsor of the project was the company Kikkoman. We present our "fight" for recipes with soy sauce.

The project will involve the best representatives of our website - povaryata that their hard work and creativity have earned the trust and respect of many users Runet cooking.

Within four weeks of April, the project will represent to your attention the recipes with soy sauce Kikkoman:

- Salads (April 3-9)
- Soups (10-16 April)
- Hot dishes of vegetables (April 17-23)
- Meat / Poultry (24-30 April)

The prize for each participant of the project "Fights + K"
Stationary mixer Mixer Two SFM.330

 Special project "Fights + K" on Povarenok.ru

The main prize for the winner of the "Fights + K"
Air cleaning ROBERT

 Special project "Fights + K" on Povarenok.ru

We invite you to actively support the project participants with their evaluations, and comments & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova