New Nivea care for sensitive and dry skin
 Sensitive skin gives women a considerable discomfort. After all, it responds to the slightest exposure to the external environment, and her irritation may occur even by a gust of cold wind. That is why it needs to be very careful care. And, first of all, it needs intensive nutrition and hydration.

At Nivea is a solution - a line of daily care for sensitive and dry skin

The structure includes tools that take into account all the features of this delicate skin. They are based on a special formula enriched almond butter That provides softening, nourishing and protective effect on the skin. Effective properties of the oil are shown by the content of unsaturated oleic acid, identical skin lipids.

Nourishing day cream protects the skin and makes it soft and smooth. Almond oil, entering into its structure, provides nutrition and protection of the skin. Filter SPF of 15 protects a person from the negative effects of sunlight and premature aging.

 New Nivea care for sensitive and dry skin

The line for sensitive and dry skin also includes different formats of cleaning agents that can be selected depending on the individual needs of the skin:

Gentle Cleansing Milk   perfectly removes make-up.

Delicate cream gel cleanser   gently but effectively cleanses the skin.

Delicate mousse cleanser Due to air foam, effectively and gently cleanses the skin,
moisturizing it at this stage.

Soothing Tonic   perfectly tones and moisturizes the skin and prepares it for the application's Skin funds.

 New Nivea care for sensitive and dry skin

Careful daily care from Nivea means that sensitive and dry skin can be a gentle, soft and velvety - at any time of the year!

Author: Anna Shustrova