At Gisele Bundchen does not have its combs
 Gisele Bundchen - that rare woman who is today earning it the status of "top model". Recently, she also became the face of the famous brand Pantene. However, as it turned out, the "person" as being popular products for hair, do not even own a comb!

Gisele explains in an interview with The Associated Press: "I have the work that people spend days just do that comb my hair. So, the last thing I want to do in a day - it's comb."

Bundchen, 33-year-old mother of two, admits that in his spare time prefers laying "sleek bun" (smooth beam).

Speaking of hair products, the former Victoria's Secret angel warns: "These products are just wonderful, but if you stuffed yourself junk food, with the help of cosmetics simply disguise the problem." Gisele herself, for instance, did not drink soda for 10 years.

 At Gisele Bundchen does not have its combs

Author: Anna Shustrova