Cherkasova Natalia spoke about the "rules of etiquette"
 Tone Cream - an indispensable tool for the woman who wants to always look great. Modern cosmetic brands offer multifunctional creams, suitable for any skin type, or time of year. On different creams and subtleties choice Natalia Cherkasova, the Russian make-up artist, a professional world-class skills in makeup ARTISTRY company Amway.

The use of any means of tone, whether it is a cream, powder or highlighter, encompasses the two top priorities - aligning texture of the skin and its color correction. If you are using a properly sized foundation skin gets groomed, healthy and youthful appearance.

Depending on the type of skin

Skin type is an important criterion for the choice of tonal means. For dry skin fit creamy products which are well aligned leather texture, unlike the fluid foundation. Owners of oily skin, by contrast, will approach a light tone cream-fluid, as well as matting creams with powdery effect.

Ideal for any time of year

Use a concealer can be both in winter and summer. In summer, the range of tonal creams almost every brand adds an easy option - a fluid that contains a large amount of water. In lung fluids almost no component that aligns the texture, but has more pigment.

Restrict the use of foundation can be on holiday in the summer. But do not leave it without protection under the hot sun, and in the big city in order to avoid the appearance of age spots or moles. In addition, the skin is protected from the sun for longer stay young and healthy.

The foundation for the cool season texture component prevails, as evidenced by a thick creamy consistency means. This foundation contains less water and better aligns the texture of the skin. In the summer is better to choose a shade of foundation, the appropriate shade of your tanned skin. In winter, it looks nice on the skin concealer lighter shade.

The multitasking

In the last two decades, scientists have developed a number of special formulas foundation, which helps to cope not only with the two main objectives - balancing texture and color correction - but also many other skin problems that concern women, such as dry skin or oily shine.

One of their tasks, which can solve some modern creams - creating the effect of lifting. Optical reflective particles high resolution instantly reduce the visible manifestations of facial wrinkles and age. Due to the unique formulation of foundation was obtained texture that provides uniform distribution, resulting in the skin becomes perfectly groomed appearance.

With the lifting effect

Alignment foundation with lifting effect and sunscreen SPF 20 ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND - a new generation of tonal creams with special properties. Created for women 35+, it helps to keep young and radiant skin appearance.

 Cherkasova Natalia spoke about the "rules of etiquette"

ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND easily and uniformly applied to the skin moist sponge or brush. For a perfect distribution on the skin surface sufficient just one drop means. Reflective particles and pigments of the highest quality make it easy to align the color and significantly reduce the visible signs of aging.

Ruler foundation developed using exclusive technology FACES, is 8 shades, and every woman can choose the color that best fits the tone of her skin.

Prolonged use of foundation ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND skin looks younger and more radiant, and protective components to prevent damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, and moisturize the skin all day long.

Author: Anna Shustrova