Lena Lenina became a brunette
 Lena Lenina the bet Sergei Zverev dispute over the length of the yacht Roberto Cavalli, but overestimated the financial opportunities designer, lost and had to disguise a brunette. And yet it is a short hair cut than radically changed her image, shocking return from the holidays star girlfriends.

Poor Lena's hair had long been subjected to various tests in its giant or avant-garde hairstyles, and if not well cared for, and they say that it is the wholesale shopper masks and balms for the hair in the fashion site Lundenilona.ru, it would long ago have lost them. Although it is already too nalyso shave. In general, anything not tried until Lady Gaga rest. But this turn of events in her hair was too unexpected. And this despite the fact that before Lena Lenin ridiculed psevdointellektualnyh brunettes. She even wrote a book of jokes about brunettes. And now she suddenly peremetnulas into the enemy camp.

Theory of the origin of its past "vulgar and unjust" jokes about blondes, included three possible source. First, it is, of course, a brunette, "compose jokes about blondes long lonely winter evenings." Secondly, it is notorious, and not very nice men who had the temerity to refuse the blonde and that in retaliation slander them. Well, and thirdly, jokes about blondes, in her opinion, are composed of different dark-haired woman who fails to successfully disguise sexy blondes. Usually jokes about blondes are reduced to in order to show that intelligence in blonde girls are not all right. Although Lenin had recently proposed to replace the word "blonde" in the phrase "light head".

Indeed, the curious scientists conducted research which showed that blondes average IQ higher than brunettes .  Among the celebrities an average IQ of 97 (at a rate of 90 to 110) .  Rarely anyone it exceeds 130, but in Hollywood, as it is known, is the highest level of intelligence is still a blonde Sharon Stone .  And Lenin was the leader in the manicure business, create a network of manicure studio Lena Lenina than also proved the presence of mind at the blonde .  But blonde jokes are usually mocked for mythical nonsense and sex appeal, while some brunettes, too easy to raise a laugh for pretentiousness, arrogance, snobbery, the desire to look more intelligent, and therefore, for the same nonsense .  And despite the fact that most blondes withstand all but the comparison of them with the brunette saw Lena Lenin in new bryunetistom way, you may make an unexpected conclusion - blondes or brunettes, we are all the same fool ...

 Lena Lenina became a brunette

But you and a couple of jokes about brunettes Lena Lenina that now she can safely receive and at his own expense.

1.   Brunette opens firm. In her first working day in office comes to a man. "Client! "- Thinks the brunette elated and, portraying the terrible activity and employment, lack the phone and mannered it says:

- No, today does not work ... a lot of orders ... maybe next month ... well, I'll put you on the waiting list ...

Hung up, she turns to the Inbox:

- Sorry, too many clients, how can I be useful?

The man replies:

- I'm from the phone company, has come to connect the phone.

2.   Blonde brunette says:

- Can you imagine to knit a sweater, you need three sheep!

Brunette with a surprise:

- It's necessary, but I did not know that the sheep know how to knit!

3.   One brunette asks another:

- What do you think, why the helicopter screws?

- As for that - it's the fan that the pilot did not sweat! Just recently I flew in a helicopter during landing so that the fan has failed, you should have seen how the pilot was sweating!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova