Sarah Jessica Parker was the designer of postcards
 Perhaps the most famous brand in the world of cards, Hallmark, Sarah Jessica Parker offered an unusual collaboration. She released her own line of gift and greeting cards for Hallmark.

For the actress is an unusual experience. Before we knew it as her own line of designer shoes, the star is also releasing its aromas. But the cards will do for the first time.

Line cards by Sarah Jessica Parker - a greeting card, decorated with glitter (incidentally, the collection of postcards from the actress named Glittery Line), sequins and other embellishments cute girl's heart. Postcards will be an original design and silhouettes. The line will also include packaging materials.

You should not be surprised that Sarah Jessica Parker decided on such a strange partnership. The actress has repeatedly expressed that continues to be a fan of handwritten letters in an age of the Internet and e-mail. And yet for a long time Sarah Jessica collects postcards, loves to buy them, and it houses a large collection of cards for all occasions.

Author: Julia Gnedina