Aroma on Epiphany - NAU by Naulover
 Aroma NAU by Naulover is a flavor that is reminiscent of the spirit of the sailors who once plied the sea in search of the unknown territory, relying on the glow of the North Star and his intuition as the only guarantee of the right to come into the harbor. Polar Star is located in the extreme point of the Little Dipper.

Each vial of flavor NAU by Naulover   has a special North Star. The vial contains a crystal in the center Swarowski .

NAU is fresh, yet elegant, and even "intelligent" flavor. In his writings Naulover always takes femininity and strength of women as a starting point. NAU by Naulover - an exclusive and iconic fragrance for confident women.

NAU can be a special gift at Baptism, when everything is so in need of their guiding star. The fragrance is composed of top notes of Sicilian fine bergamot   combined with delicious fruit chords apple   and Peach And interspersed with sensuous notes musk , Ceylon cinnamon . saffron   East and Virginia Cedar .

 Aroma on Epiphany - NAU by Naulover

In the beginning, lemon and orange with apple essence awakening surrounded by freshness and warmth. Then, it appears sheet cinnamon, saffron   and rose . The NAU also felt the fragrance of wood - Cedar   and musk .

NAU by Naulover   - This is an incredible fragrance enclosed in a bottle with a crystal Swarovsky, symbolizing success and is the flagship for the modern woman.

Author: Anna Shustrova