Clean & Clear The expert told how to achieve a healthy complexion
 The smell of fresh spruce, tangerines, bright lights ... On the eve of the holiday, we as a child, make a wish and hope that the new year will be better than last year. Perhaps, for this first change is the most! For those who are ready to do it, Marina Sharov, an expert in skin care, has prepared answers to the most pressing issues.

How to deal with a dull complexion?

- His main reason - the lack of fresh air and physical activity, and insufficient sleep. Walking in the fresh air at a brisk pace for at least 40 minutes will solve the first two problems. Night's sleep should be at least 8 hours during which time the skin cells fully updated. In this connection, the skin must be cleaned not only at night but also in the morning, removing dead skin cells for the night. Once or twice a week, use a soft scrubs or peels.

  After cleansing cheer your skin lotion containing extracts of lime, Pomellen, grapefruit. Regular morning and evening moisturize the skin means. During the day, you can use the spray for the face based on the thermal water.

  In some cases, can and should have recourse to a dermatologist - cosmetologist. Procedures such as lymphatic drainage massage, mesotherapy, or the course of the introduction of hyaluronic acid well restore a healthy complexion and improve its tone.

How quickly and effectively get rid of the oily sheen on your face?

- To do this you will need about 30 minutes. Do this procedure a couple of times a week. To begin with wash water at room temperature with a soft gel or mousse for fat (problem) of the skin. Apply the mask with white clay on the entire face, except for the area around the eye for 15-20 minutes. This mask will remove excess sebum, effectively cleanse and narrow the pores provide a matting effect.

  Rub skin lotion containing lemongrass: it regulates oil balance of the skin, tightens pores, has a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. Be sure to apply a light moisturizing cream or emulsion containing no fats or oils.

What is the essence of the regime of care for problem skin?

- Features a problem skin (acne, black spots and shine) usually associated with puberty, namely the hormonal changes in the body, so the skin must be regular and comprehensive care. Comprehensive care includes daily purification   skin via gel and (or) scrub and lotion, its subsequent humidification   via moisturizing emulsion and optionally - control of local inflammation   special means to combat acne.

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Clean & Clear Happy New Year and wishes all the beauty, health and fulfillment of the most cherished dreams!

Author: Anna Shustrova