Photoepilation can now do at home!
 Photoepilator IPL6000F i-LIGHT Pro Face & Body by Remington - an indispensable tool for painless * permanent removal of unwanted hair on the body and face with (below the cheekbones, for women only). It will save a lot of money on salon treatments and will look irresistible!

"Beauty requires sacrifice" - is perhaps the best expression of a stable, suitable to describe one of the most painful rituals of personal care - hair removal. Even a good result as 2 weeks, do not always justify the discomfort of the procedure.

Remington laboratory researchers have set a goal - to give the girls the opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair painless way. Not so long ago, Remington introduced an innovative device for home hair removal IPL4000 i-LIGHT, which not only allows you to forget about the pain during epilation, but also ensures the absence of hair growth within 3 months! But technology does not stand still, and today Remington is another revolutionary new product - an advanced tool for home hair removal IPL6000F i-LIGHT Pro Face & Body . Now, thanks to him, you can give yourself up to a year of freedom from unwanted hair, without experiencing any discomfort!

For the new model IPL6000F i-LIGHT Pro Face & Body   developed a special attachment to the person - is the perfect solution for women who dream of getting rid of unwanted hair on the face under the line of cheekbones. Fully sealed construction that prevents the leakage of light flashes, reduce the frequency of flash every 4 seconds and a cooling system to maintain the optimum temperature will make hair removal treatments as comfortable.

* There are individual differences in the manifestation of the results of applying the technology IPL. Photoepilator IPL6000F Clinical tests show that the average for the end of twelve months, all trial participants were 66% less hair compared to the original amount after just three treatments of hair removal, which is comparable with the results of using a professional device for depilation.

How does it work?

Devices for home hair removal i-LIGHT Pro by Remington based on the technology of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light - intense pulsed light).

The essence of the technology is that the skin to very short but intense flashes of light. The energy of the light passes through without harm fair skin and is absorbed by darker hair follicles. The bulb is heated, and hair growth stops. Thus, IPL technology - one of the most effective, fast, painless and safe hair removal system.

Earlier fotoepilirovaniya procedure could only be obtained in cosmetic clinics, beauty salons and dermatology offices. But now, the technology has become available and home!

Two simple steps to a perfectly smooth skin without hair:

Step 1.
  Take an ordinary or an electric razor and shave off all the hair with the area you are going to handle using photoepilator.

Before photoepilation should not be used to remove hair wax, sugar paste or electrodepilator.

Step 2.   Turn photoepilator IPL6000F i-LIGHT Pro Face & Body To select the flash mode and the intensity level that fits you best. Point the device at a dry clean skin surface after each flash, move the device to a new area of ​​skin.

Author: Anna Shustrova