Set fragrances essence
 In the run up to Christmas essence represents the five popular flavors in an exclusive set of "fragrance mini set". Sweet dreams, warm spring evening, the constant desire to travel, sundial on the beach under palm trees and unforgettable party - in the set you will find a fragrance that is suitable for any mood and any season. The novelty will be a great gift for those who like different flavors, compact package perfect fit in your purse.

Eau de Parfum developed in collaboration with renowned perfumers. The kits contain 5 to 7 ml of flavors in a stylish package. A perfect gift for a low price.

 Set fragrances essence

Set scents essence fragrance mini set

A new set of essence will give a festive Christmas mood. The unique set includes: sweet and sensual, like a day in a candy shop Who is the embodiment of the dreams of every girl, fruit like a first day in spring That remind the warm days of spring, exotic like a million miles away With which you okuneshsya travel in big cities and distant countries. Also in the kit you will find two new flavors: warm Flower like a day in paradise , Which at the time will take you on a sunny beach with white sand and azure sea and mystic like the party of my life That will make you relive the unforgettable party. The set of five flavors to 7 ml

Author: Anna Shustrova